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      So I thought I might put the whole crowd funding thing to the test. And it’s already been a pretty fun process. I’m going to see if I can raise enough money to get a professional quality printed coffee table book of my games/ personal artwork through IndieGoGo the crowd funding site. Anyone who pledges money will either get a limited copy of the book or postcards or stickers. I’ve a ton of artwork to print and I’ve already had some books done in the past and I was very happy with the results. It might be a nice money spinner for any indie team out there with a load of game art already done. Money for old rope and all that. Anyway, check out the link below. Feedback very welcome as always.

      By the way, if anyone has any suggestions of any popular sites where I might advertise this (forums etc.), please do let me know. I’m already out of ideas. :?



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