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    sms shortcut.


    Was pretty bored at work today, waiting for supervisor to get back to me on thesis state so messed around with visual studios. (ive read pretty much ever time waste on the net, so dont ask).

    Anyway long story short i put my 5 year cs to use. Ever find your typing a text message into o2\vodaphone online and you hit the 160 limit so you have to abbreviate some things. or write another message.
    well dont do it by hand any more. download this prog i wrote, cut and paste your message hit translate and it’ll try to cut it down a bit.

    i.e.talk to you later

    Migh translates to: talk 2 u l8r.

    seems to work pretty good. i left the words in plain text in an external file so you can edit to add new ones, or better ones. just remember to add a dash between the
    abbreviation and the phrase.(prob best to add to the top of the file).


    (if you have problems running give me a shout).

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