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      Hi all,
      for my final project I’d like to create a web game that consists of managing a business. The aim is to create a realistic game but at the same time fun to play. The issue is that, not knowing too much about managing a business, I’m trying to figure out what the core management activities are, as well as the "side" ones depending on the type of business, what are the influencing factors for sales/buys, etc.

      Any link or hint that would help me filling my lack of knowledge on the subject are more than welcome.

      I still don’t know if the game will be made, as it’s going to be a group project and other might have better ideas; at the same time I didn’t see anything like this on the web, so I might develop it anyway on my spare time. I will keep you updated on how it goes and if I need testers.

      Thanks everyone!


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      Aphra K

      I wonder who made this?


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      "I wonder who made this?": Think it’s sort of white-label.

      "We have offices in the UK and New Zealand, with representation in the USA and Denmark."

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      Thanks for the link!

      I was looking for a more stylised game, where you control your business through an interface rather than seeing the whole shop. But yes, playing the game give me some ideas. I’d like also to implement different businesses, so that game is good for retail, but what about manufacturing or services?

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      I’d suggest you look at basic accounting (balance sheets etc, I’d say Junior Cert level might be enough to grasp the core aspects). Every aspect of a business feeds into its balance sheets, it doesn’t matter what sector the business is in accountancy is at the core.

      While I wouldn’t take it as Gospel this might give you an idea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balance_sheet.

      It’ll depend, to a degree, on how granular you want your game to be, i.e. manager in a shop that may have to deal with unhappy customers versus a manager in an office away from the shop floors. But you’ll still have to balance your "books".

Viewing 5 reply threads
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