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    Can this page get updated, aaah go on ;)


    The inaugural Chapter meeting is to be held on January 8th, at 7pm in The Digital Hub, Dublin.

    Renowned game designer and founder of the IGDA, Ernest Adams, will speak at the event.[/quote:38ac31bb4a]

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    There’s been some talk on the boards now and again about what’s going to happen with the IGDA Ireland site. Either way we’ll probably be seeing a site dedicated to the Irish IGDA rather than just a webpage. Tony had one designed. He posted a link for it a good while back. As tempting as finding it at 5am sounds I have more important things to do with my holidays!

    Even still, it would be good to have an update on the page just for people who come across it. We don’t want newcomers interested in our industry seeing the page and then wondering off thinking we’ve faded away.

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    yeah, must get around to fixing that broken redirect…

    here’s the IGDA Ireland site that Ronny mentioned: http://www.thememorypalace.org/igda/index.php

    the new version is being worked on at the moment, and is actually a sub-section of the new and improved GD

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