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      Team Name: Epic Online Entertainment
      Epic Online Entertainment is a newly started (sole trader) company in Ireland. The purpose of the company is separate the Abydos Online projects funding/finances from the author (well that is me Christian) personal economy. In the following 6 months I will personally push about 10000 euro into this project, a business plan is being finalized and additional funding/grands will be applied for from the Irish government and EU.

      Project Name: Abydos Online

      Background Story:
      Millennia before our current times, lived and ruled the ancient gods. Our knowledge about those times is limited, but it is sure that nature flourished and magnificent beings populated every part of the world. Mighty kingdoms and great empires rose to power, it was a paradise. The ancient gods gave birth to children, demigods, who were gifted with the wisdom and power of their creators.
      Conspiracies and secret plots took root among the gods and their children, this lead to conflict and ultimately to war! This great war among the divine spread savagely across the lands, consuming everyone and everything. The ancient races followed their gods into battle. Powerful spells scorched the earth as their magic wrought unimaginable destruction. As the ancient races followed their gods into battle, vast armies clashed together, bathing the land in a sea of blood and steel. Above, the heavens thundered while the gods waged their war.
      As the gods destroyed each other, one by one their cosmic powers unleashed chaos upon the world. Entire continents sank into the threatening ocean, others were brought into darkness by maddened beasts. The people changed, happiness was forgotten and disparity took its place.
      For generations, our city struggled against the harshness of the war-torn world. Then something unexpected happened, a miracle: The wishes of the exposed and hopeless of our city were heard and new gods came to us. Understanding the power of prayer, new religions were born to the people.
      This is the age we live in. The lands are healing, nature slowly repopulates the world. Though the wastelands remain filled with deadly creatures and dangerous remnants from the great war, old battle spells show signs of weakening. The people of Abydos are no longer forgotten. With new gods and new hope, we will build a future for ourselves.

      Only one world
      There is only one world, no instances or shards.
      No classes, no levels.
      There are no classes or levels, only skills and attributes.
      Unique RPG style Gameplay
      Abydos Online has its own universe, rediscovering the roots of todays fantasy to create a unique world of its own. Gameplay focusing equally on world building, crafting, mental/social activities and combat. Dynamic Environments Tired of seeing nice surroundings but not being able to interact with them? In Abydos Online, if you see an item, for example a wall, a tree or a bucket on the ground you interact with it as expected, for example you can travel in a forest with ten thousands of trees, cut down one and returning one month later it will still be lying on the ground (perhaps now covered with moss). Terrain can also be raised to lowered by players.
      Every experienced that to many players in one place creates lag? Abydos Online has an scalable backend allowing several thousands of players being active in one zone/area without lag.
      MUD style Development Structure
      The closest developers of the MUD are considered as core staff, they are responsible for the client and server development. Ever dreamed of creating a MMO yourself? In Abydos Online, if you show enough skill you can apply for godhood an join the ranks of the immortals, shaping an area in the world according to your ideas.

      Target aim:
      Free client download, account must be purchased to play (the payment method is not finalized yet). Aiming for player base of older teens and adults.

      2011 – May – Alpha Release
      2012 – Closed Beta Release
      2013 – Open Beta Release
      2014 – Final Release

      We only accept volunteering and/or freelance positions at the moment. There is a contribution system that will ensure volunteers getting economical compensation for their work.

      The client is written in C++ and using MyGUI, ODE and Ogre3D libraries.
      The server is written in Erlang and will probably have some parts written in C.

      Talent needed:
      We are mainly looking for client (C++) and server (Erlang) developers.

      Team structure:
      Server Development Team
      Christian – Lead Server Programmer, Project Founder
      Greg – Server Programmer
      Haitong – Server Programmer

      Client Development Team
      Scott – Lead Client Programmer
      Johan – Client Programmer
      Peter – Client Programmer
      Falk – Client Programmer
      Christophe – Client Programmer

      Graphical Team
      Cody – Art Director, 3D modeler
      Alexander – Concept Artist and 3D modeler

      Sound Team
      Chad – Composer
      Marcus – Sound Effect Artist

      Writer Team
      Laszlo – Lead Writer
      Matt – Writer
      Kristoffer – Writer
      Christoffer – Writer
      Sage – Game Mechanics/Writer

      Bernadeta – Concept Artist
      Frederick – Concept Artist/Illustrator
      David – Concept Artister/3D modeler
      Christian – Composer


      You can apply through the website by clicking the huge recruitment buttons or drop message in the forums.

      Previous Work by Team:
      MMO engine built my me (Christian) http://www.next-gen.cc

      Old tech demo (over one year old):

      Game Design Document:
      We have an unfinished GGD for download here (this public version has limited information:

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      With all the respect in the world:

      Target aim:
      Free client download, account must be purchased to play (the payment method is not finalized yet).[/quote:b7fa5994e7]

      Get this sorted before you think about investing a penny. There are plenty of other online MMORPGs, alot of them are free too so why should people pay to play yours?

      I can see you’re very passionate about what you’re working on but if you don’t sort out the business end, all you’ll have is a very expensive portfolio piece

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