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    Aphra K

    having added the category to the skills database I see I am the only one listed in the academic and research area.

    Now I definitely know we have Phd students and lecturers in games active on the forums so get adding your info into the database. It is really useful when looking for collaborators and people to extern/intern/supervise projects.

    Get your supervisors to add themselves too if they are not active on the forums.


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    If you build it, they will browse…
    but then it will be time for a sandwich, so they won’t be able to add details.
    Never enough time!!

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    ah it gets setup just after i finish my academic career. good facility to have though

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    Aphra K

    keep those bios coming for the academic and research skills area…definitely have to get at least one person from each of the colleges involved in game courses..and if people are doing basic or applied research in a company that counts too..


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    So, who’s the gd.ie head I hear may be coming to Coleraine? Far be it from me to bias your decision-making…but it’s in Coleraine!

    Only joking. I love it here. Honest. :shock:

    It does sound like a cool PhD though…

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    well, first I’ll pass those exams, then I’ll put myself in there, I suppose.
    That’s if my subject interest people… I wonder what they’ll make of RT Fluid Dynamics :P

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