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    I’ve just been e-mailing a cool team at Trinity who are working on a technology for crowd simulation, see…


    Does anyone have links to other game related academic research?

    Here’s a link to the graphics and animation group at Queens University in Belfast…


    Dr Ferguson, who manages the course, wrote a book on CG…


    …and also open-sourced a 3D modelling app ( similar to Blender ) , which just had an update to 1.5…


    There seems to be quite a number of interesting projects academic field going relating to games, it would be great to have an overview of what is going on in Ireland in this area.


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    yeah that was the purpose of the academic roundtable at awakenings 04, worked well i think also.

    anyway ill post a link to my work soon (my supervisor wont let me post my thesis until all red tape done.)
    but some stuff here


    Also trinity have a games group headed up by padriag cunningham, i think.
    i dont have the url on hand but some good work there by them on Case-based reasoning for dynamic story telling.

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    the research group I work with in Maynooth

    Distributed Interactive Applications Group


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    At Institute of Technology Blanchardstown we have a Graphics and Gaming Research Group. You can find some info about the stuff we have been doing here …


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