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      Hello all,

      I’m going into my final year of computer science in UCC in October and am trying to decide whether or not to do a masters in A.I. in UCC or head abroad to do a masters in games development/design etc.

      I’ve already read a lot of positive feedback in this sites forums for the masters course in Abertay but I was wondering if anybody had any info on the courses run in Cavendish in London, John Moores in Liverpool or the one in Hull? At the moment it looks like it is between Aberdeen and London assuming I don’t do the A.I. masters.

      The AI masters in UCC would be taught by the chairman of AI Ireland, Derek Bridge, who I have had already as a lecturer and he knows his stuff and is an excellent lecturer but this would be second choice to the games masters .

      Any advice or feedback on the courses would be greatly appreciated.



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      well, i did a msc in games by research in ucc. Found it hard to get it started, funding etc. But Barry o sullivan my supervisor took a chance on me and the games idea and it worked out really good. (submitting next month).

      To the best of my knowledge there is no ai masters taught in ucc at present, and i didnt hear of any in the future (but that could be true, if it was i think constraint programming would play a major part in this course as a.i. alone would be a fairly indepth course for bridge alone to teach, u.c.c having few a.i. people but alot of constraint programming folk, i.e. 4C research centre).

      I do know a games msc will probably be starting the autumn after you finish sept 2006 in u.c.c. contact dave murphy or joseph manning, as they are heading up this msc.

      yeah bridge is an excellent lecturer but he has few research students to the best of my knowledge.

      i know of only 2 and both are doing phd’s in case base-reasoning\constraint programming with CBR. (Bridges main area of research and which he is well known in academic circles as a being an expert in the field).

      I suspect if you chose him as a supervisor then CBR for video games is the way it will probably go, as this is the area he will really be able to give you some really good insight (although i know he’s got excellent general a.i. knowledge). also on the note of cbr trinity college has a few guy working with the game a.i. group of the machine learning research group, headed up by Padraig cunningham, again another well known A.I guy.

      Finally, have a look on the news page, daryl charles is offering some very interesting phd in this field. Again, he is well known in academic circles an has published for AAAI etc.

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      There are also opportunities to do M.Sc.’s by Research in Games Development at ITB (Institute of Technology Blanchardstown). We have a research group going called the Graphics and Gaming Research Group, we’ve already pushed out one M.Sc., with two more on the way.


      We’ll be applying for funding for some new positions to start in Sep/Oct this year and if we’re succesfull I’ll post the details here …..

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