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    Anyone want to play computer games all night tonight (13th)? The Wired internet cafe messed up a booking and there are spaces for CS, 1942, halo etc etc etc.

    Give me an SMS on 086 897 4872 if you are interested.


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    Hi Dave,

    are these LAN nights regular events? If so, could you post more info, pls?

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    Trinity organise them roughly once ever 3-4 weeks. We can book out the place as long as we are guaranteed 20 or so people. Would have to pay in advance too or at least deposit).


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    did you manage to get anybody for the fri night (13th) after all dave?
    good time?
    how were the pc’s in the place – fix any of the stuff you were talking about?
    are you still going to be running/arranging any lan nights (all the way from kerry!)

    “Trinity organise them roughly once ever 3-4 weeks”
    is this ducss?is there usually any places left or is it packed out?
    are outsiders welcome?

    and last but not least…congrats on the job!
    hows it working out?
    i assume you got it seeing as it sounds like your in kerry now.

    cheers dave,

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    Managed to fill the place on short notice :)
    PC’s were mostly working fine.
    The Trinity ones are primarily for students, and there is never any space for other folks.
    Organising things is a lot herder from here, but I dont think Ill be quiet for long…


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    are these LAN nights regular events? If so, could you post more info, pls? [/quote:e1cba34724]

    For more Irish LANs…


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    and not to mention Quake.ie the forerunner of online/LAN gaming in Ireland!!!

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    Incidentally, we’ve got another one coming this Friday (27th, yes it clashes with the shindig) and anyone from the boards wants to come along, you’re more then welcome to. You need to book, though. More details here

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