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    Well its been along time coming but American McGee’s Alice is finally being made into a movie. As anyone who has played the game knows the film will have plenty of excellent source material. If you havnt played the game just imagine the typical Alice senario gone very, very wrong…

    Anyway Sarah Michelle Gellar has been signed up to play Alice herself, off the top of my head I can’t think of any serious complaints with the casting. I don’t see them making it into a cutesy kind of role so it should be pretty good I reckon. It will be interesting to see who they get as the Mad Hatter etc… I would have said Gene Wilder awhile ago but I saw a picture of him in the paper last week and to be honest hes looking abit worse for wear. Who does the voice of the Cheshire Cat should be interesting aswell although there are plenty of evil sounding actors out there that should be able to pull it off.
    The only thing I’m worried about is that its being directed by Marcus Nispel. Nispel made the latest version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre which was pretty bad in fairness. Hopefully with McGee consulting on the project he can do a good job….

    No screenies yet but I’m sure the film will get plenty of publicity once prodcution gets rolling.

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    Have a read over this if you want to know more about ALICE.



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    While I’m no fan of the ex-Buffy star I can’t really think of another actress who would better suit the role. I just hope she can pull it off….

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