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    Hi All,

    just released a beta version of our new game which hopefully will go to final release stage next week.

    You can download it from the Purplenose we site, and check out the screenshots there too.

    In the final version, we’re going to change the IslandHop structure to give a better level selection in the demo, but for now you’ll have stick with the current setup.

    One other thing, as its aimed for the US market (broadband) if you’re on a 56K modem it’ll take 20/30 mins to download, sorry!

    Hope you enjoy, and feel free to send us feedback!


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    No comments?
    I don’t mind: good or bad!

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    Hey Carrot,

    It’s not really my kind of game ( I prefer to blast aliens, than think about puzzles ), but it has very nice graphics ( the water effect in the menu is very cool ), and is very nicely packaged.

    Is it your first game? If so, it’s very professionally done! What package did you use to create it?

    Also, to let people know about it, check out…


    http://www.indiegamer.com for getting a review

    http://www.gamesbanner.net to transfer page impressions with other games

    If I can think of any other ones, I’ll let you know. Or if I’ve missed any, let me know :)

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    Hey Carrot,
    Sorry was waiting to download this over the HS in work, wil have a look tonight and give you some feedback after that. Looks interesting from the screenshots, like a worms-inspired-puzzler or something ;)

    Talk soon,

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    Thanks fellas, but bear in mind that its a beta version.
    We’re currently changing quite a bit on the Island-Hop mode as the current selection of levels that we give are far inferior to most in the full game.
    This was mainly because we wanted the demo set to be a sort of tutorial, but with some challenging elements.
    Turns out this was a bad idea coz its neither a good tutorial, or really good fun…

    Thanks for trying it out!


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