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    having problem in max with just one particular model. when i apply some chages within the uvw editor, the checker or texture applied in the render window doesnt update. it only happens with this model though. wee row boat. really annoying. happened to anyone before.

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    That has happened to me before, I think I ended up saving the project under a new filename, shutting down max and then opening it all up again. I never figured out exactly had happened, but that fixed it for me.

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    Could be a hotkey on your keyboard that toggles “constant update in viewport”. In the UVW Editor hit “Show Options” and make sure that “Constant Update” is checked under viewport options

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    since we are on the subject, I was wondering, how come I can’t use any of the cool functions like “align” or “make planar” when I am messing with vertices in the UVWMap editor?
    It would make my life damn easier…
    in the end I just built myself a nice checkered texture so I can align everything on the pixels, but still :?

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    I find UnwrapTools invaluable for unwrapping, free from http://www.chuggnut.com/
    I prefer the earlier versions though cos the latest one messes around with the unwrap dialog a bit

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