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      Hi Everyone,

      I’ve posted once about this before. I’ve been making a little Ant Farm game for Facebook. Remember those ant farms in plexiglass. Well it is very similar to that. You feed the ants and they build tunnels.

      Here is a link:

      Here is my inspiration:

      If anyone wants to collaborate on this with me then drop me a line. My email is: shane dot mcdonald dot ryan at gmail dot com


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      thats a cool wee game what is it written in? I will assume flash from right clicking it. Can i just be a wee bit critical?

      The opening art piece is lovely but i lose that sense of artistic direction when i play the game. The game size is too small.(I am not sure if it gets bigger because in the tutorial it said something about getting a bigger ant farm)

      artwork aside the concept is good and looks enjoyable.
      Have you considered multi-player style ant farms? By this a mean it could be similar to age of empires or Dungeon Keeper. You have a sandbox and you start at some position where as another player can start with his queen in another area. you must Dig around for food and water supplies. You cannot see the other play because of Fog of war or Whatever. You can then harvest crops, scavenge the ground above for food and build a small defense network of water traps or ant soldiers.

      Lol and now im getting ahead of myself. Just food for thought :P

      The ant animations were good :D

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