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    Once again the ignorant shouting there mouths off…

    The case would have some level of legitimacy if he actually knew what he was talking about and didnt come out with such idiotic comments…

    “It is unacceptable corporate behavior. Over four years after Windows XP was released I still receive regular ‘updates’ and ‘bug fixes,’ which reflect a product that was originally scandalously defective.”[/quote:d1dbe2c7fa]
    Yes, those darn updates! I suppose he thinks that Gates & Co. should be able to look into the future at virus’ that will be created in a few years time.

    Honestly I dont see the case going anywhere but with America and MS you never know…


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    well in fairness to the guy he’s probably not all wrong.

    The majority of exploits in windows xp etc are due to buffer overflow exploits and thats something most coders will know about. Way to fix them is by bounds checking (languages like java do this for you, although nothing is to say you cant crash the virtual machine and load some piece of malicious code, coz the vm is in traditonal c\c++. Overflows have been around since programming began.

    Seem to me most MS programmers (majority of all prorgammers) are too lazy to put in the bound checks in the first place, so they have to keep re-issuing patches which now put them in one by one, as new virus emerge which find these wholes of shoddy coding.

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    In fairness, trying to catch every single tiny bug in something as big as Windows would be fantastic, but completely unrealistic.

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    Thats the whole point. He wants an “unconditional” warranty…things like that just can’t exist realisticly in a program of the size and complexity of an OS. Hell, no OS is bulletproof! If the worlds hackers turned their attention to Tiger or Linux they could pick holes in those OS also. Its just another anti-MS crusade to be honest… :roll:

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