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      Are there any 3D flash coders out there? If so, this might be of interest…


      It’s from Zynga, the Farmville guys, and is open-source. It supports Stage3D, something which the other technologies ( eg Haxe/NNE ) don’t support yet.

      If you know any Flash 3D coders, let us know – it’s always cool to know other dev’s working locally in the same field.

      btw CanDo 3D are in the process of moving from Shockwave 3D to Flash 3D – we should have some cool demos to show in the next few months. We took the jump as Flash recently added support for hardware accelerated graphics in hardware that is about 6/7 years old ( eg Intel integrated ) – it used to be limited to pretty new setups. You’d be surprised how many people have machines with older Intel GPUs ( integrated / not the fastest ).

      Our workflow also now exports to iOS / Android, we have our core framework and workflow updated and exporting to all devices without much more work being required.

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