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    :lol: … worth it ..

    i’m bring down a mighty reckoning on you…

    worrying stuff

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    brilliant… brings a tear to the eye

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    good one.
    I saw it before on the tv show “Reno” on FX channel 270 on sky digital.
    Kind of like the office meets trailer park boys.

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    How unrealistic!

    He says he cast magic missile on an arrow? COME ON! Blatant cheating! And I hope an Armour Check Penalty applied, cause he is wearing a half-plate! AND last time I check Magic Missile is a Sorcerer / Wizard spell ONLY, so this fool doesn’t know what he’s talking about!

    …I think I need to get out more…

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    on a more SANE note, think these guys did a 20 minute movie set in the desert, as a C.O.P.S. parody, where the police officers were dressed as Stormtroopers, and were called out to a domestic dispute at Owen Lars Ranch, out past the Dune Sea.

    I’m sure its still on the web somewhere…


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    It was called “troops” and was very well done, there’s supposedly another version where the charactres are maintenance men on the 2nd deathstar

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    If you are into this sort of things, (roleplaying parodies and all) you might wanna check out a series of little movies called The Gamers.
    Here they are http://www.deadgentlemen.com/gamers
    If you have ever played any sort of roleplaying game (pen and paper ones, that is), it’s ROFL material. I get a giggle just remembering it :lol:

    If you never played a RPG, well, the second movie trailer might be more for you.

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