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    Hi lads,

    I’m trying to find a game that I recently saw online.

    It was something to do with bits and bytes taking over a computer world or something. Basic, wireframe graphics, I think. Really wierd premise.

    I think it’s an independently produced game, and had a feature in Edge a couple of months ago.

    Any ideas?


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    I intially tought you were speaking of Rez, but I remember seeing something similar in Edge, I don’t have my old issues with me, in Dublin so I can’t look it up. Hmmm, I dunno try http://www.gamesradar.com or http://www.the-magicbox.com

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    Think I know the one your on about, but cant remember the name!

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    Useless, the lot of ye!


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    I was convinced I saw it in the top 10 of independent games of 2004 someone recently posted, but looking at the website again, it doesn’t seem to be in the finalists.

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    It was in an issue of PC Zone or PC Gamer a while back, remember reading a feature on it.

    Wait, got it I think. Darwinia


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    Brilliant. Thanks Dave!

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    i cant remember the name of the game dave but shane was on about it two weeks ago in collage he wanted ozzie to download it you cant buy the game only download it ask ozzie our shane they know

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    I win (and my EDGE’s are at home too)


    u can d/l a demo

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    You just got there ahead of me! Ive been playing it for a little while now. It has a really great games design, and i havent really stopped playing it .

    Definitly worth the 9mb download.

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    I win (and my EDGE’s are at home too)[/quote:abba02f4ff]

    Take a look 3 posts above you…… :cool:

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    Hey my post was bumped and editted :p
    I must d/l that demo

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    Two of my colleagues (with Physics degrees) were explaining the ‘Game of Life’ concept to me (who doesn’t have a Physics degree):


    and in Java:


    and I wanted to show him Darwinia as it sounded vaguely related.

    To anyone with a quantum brain, how can system that has hard and fast rules*, create different final states? How is chaos coming from order, in this case?

    * For a space that is ‘populated’:

    – Each cell with one or no neighbors dies, as if by loneliness.

    – Each cell with four or more neighbors dies, as if by overpopulation.

    – Each cell with two or three neighbors survives.

    For a space that is ’empty’ or ‘unpopulated’

    – Each cell with three neighbors becomes populated.

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    Yup its Darwinia. The developers are called introversion and are totally independant. (I dont even think they have offices)
    Anyways the released a game called UPLINK a couple years ago and i urge everyone to download the demo from the site! it’s excellent

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    thankyou all.

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    Two of my colleagues (with Physics degrees) were explaining the ‘Game of Life’ concept to me (who doesn’t have a Physics degree)….[/quote:5444de6393]

    You lost me there, damn I wish I was smarter.

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