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    xbox 360 overheating owes continue for M$


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    Not really. I put this down to the system being rushed to the market too soon. Personally I think they should of held off till the summer…

    We do have to remember, has there ever been a M$ product which didn’t have a few hiccups :lol:

    /note to self read post prior to submitting(third times the charm??)

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    I think this bit is much more interesting

    The lawsuit, filed on Friday in a federal court in Illinois, seeks unspecified damages and litigation-related expenses, as well as the replacement or recall of Xbox 360 game consoles.[/quote:4bded13bf3]

    Possible recall…imagine the cost of that!

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    No problems with mine so far. The power supply doesn’t even get very hot.

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    When you are not happy with a product you can return it, the law covers the consumers right to a replacement/cash back. Taking something to court because you dont like it is just a bit extreme :(

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    They’re after money. People are always seem to be looking for a quick buck.

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    Especially bloody Americans since they know they can get away with it… :roll:

    Meh, its a simple case of some defective units. None of mates that have one have had any problems and I havnt read anything else like it on Boards.ie either..

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    Off topic a little but still… Anyone surprised by the low uptake of broadband in ireland? Well since they only bother to provide it for major cities and towns, they shouldnt be complaining. Damn eircom, i havnt seen a bloody episode of lost in 3 months :lol:

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    imo, the low uptake is due to the fact that Eircom have thus far had piss poor advertising. When Broadband was first introduced everytime I heard or read ads for it all they were doing was pushing it on Businesses. Then when they finally did start advertising it for homes they had rubbish ads for that too. I mean wtf was up with that giant mouse?

    Their last number of ads havnt been too bad though, at least they’re actually advertising the benefits of it rather than how SUPER MEGA AWSOME IT IS AS YOU CAN SEE BY THIS BIG MOUSE BEING BLOWN THROUGH A WALL… :roll:

    The coverage issue is still annoying me. They only have it in major towns as I’m sure your all aware and everytime I ask will they be extending it to the outlying regions I either get “Duno, “We’ll see” or my favourite “Sorry, the maximum range of DSL is only a couple of miles, don’t think we’ll be able to stretch it out to you.” Which always makes me laugh due to the image I get of someone trying to pull on some massive cable out to our area… :D

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    In fairness to Eircom at least they finally got rid of that bloody rat/mouse/bloke in a suit thing…

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    imo, the low uptake is due to the fact that Eircom have thus far had piss poor advertising.[/quote:0653f96f22]

    High costs and low speeds (and hidden lower upload speeds) makes broadband less attractive here.

    And this is before you even think about the high line failure rates (20-25% in the Republic, to 0.5% in the north), the Republic has a BB reach, according to the OECD, of 62% (eircom says 80-90%) and this excludes the 20-25% failure rates.

    And things like “pay per minute broadband” don’t help.

    So, yeah, it really is due to piss poor advertising.

    [/no need for ‘rolling eyes’]

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    Look here for a satirical look at the eircom regime from 2002. There was legal proceedings put in place because of it and stuff. Good craic really.

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    Look here for a satirical look at the eircom regime from 2002. There was legal proceedings put in place because of it and stuff. Good craic really.[/quote:8dcce89156]

    Its funny how true that is.

    Regards of advertisement no one is saying the current state of the Irish telecommunication network has anything to do with it, I merely stated I hated that bloody add. There’s enough money flying around the offices of Eircom surely they could spend a few quid on something slightly better.


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    Well I’ll put it like this…
    I live in a mildly remote area, approximatly 5.5km from Athlone town. Neither I nor any of my friends can get broadband. The local council recently did a survey and asked would the local households get BB if they could, of that survey there was a very high proportion of people who said they wouldnt. The rest would like it but couldnt get it obviously.
    Then there are my friends IN town. Of these people only one of my friends have it in their house. When I asked the others they either said they didnt know anything about it or their parents had said something along the lines of “Why bother?”, “What benefits would it bring?” or “Its too expensive”.

    Now my main point about the poor advertising is that in this day and age how can people not know the benefits to Broadband? And how do they not know anything about it in general?

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    The best advertisment is and has always been sex. Get the lads on a side and tell then about free porn. Usually does it, in my experience… :twisted:

    Up here in Donegal, there is a little town out there in the countryside who can’t get broadband either. Well, what happened is, the whole bloody town decided they wanted the internet, and if Eircom wouldn’t provide it, they could sod off. So they asked some local WiFi company to connect them, and lo and behold! now they have access to the great Intertron :)

    Really, I can’t see any other solution than WiFi for Ireland. You just have too many “remote areas” for Eircom to bother pulling lines everywhere.
    It’s the same shit that happened in France over the last 8 years (I was testing ADSL technology as part of my work experience all that time ago, and yet I am only getting ADSL at home this Christmas)

    You gotta love living in the countryside, eh? :P

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    My bad for some reason I thought it was referring to my hate of all man size mice…. :lol: I would say that ignorance is largely to blame for the poor level of broadband in Ireland but not people not knowing whats available in Ireland but more so not knowing what our neighbors are getting. Still at least I know the lines have been laid in my town for 100 meg connections…I’ll probably move by then though.

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    I think MS should stick to writing dodgy software, and get someone credible to produce their consoles for them, i.e. partnership with HP, DELL, APPLE (unlikely), ALIENWARE, etc.


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    …getting the run-around from Eircom seems to be a common occurence, yet just over the pond they are getting 24MB/sec.

    I can’t help but wonder would things be the other way around if WE had invaded THEM 800 years ago…


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    We often come across that with new lines, BT is no better though they often report lines as unsuitable for DSL when there’s nothing wrong with them.

    As for going off topic Alienware don’t produce their own laptops/computers the parts are bought in and branded as AW…. and who would buy a console from Dell…..

    The last remark is just plain silly we’re getting done over because we’re a small island and the majority of the populace take the crap and ask for more of the same.

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    I mentioned AlienWare because of the fact that they have a solid reputation for buying the highest spec systems, fully testing, and shipping them. I think they’d make an excellent Console ‘Manufacturer’ (I guess Assembler would be a more apt term).

    And Dell’s XPS systems aren’t that shabby, are they?

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    hi i am also annoyed with the lack of broadband. i live on the border of Leitrim between fermanagh and Donegal and what i don’t understand is that a town in Fermanagh which is 3km away has broadband and two towns one in donegal and one in Leitrim are 2.5km away and i can’t get broadband. everyone else i know has broadband. i wish i had it to get on to xbox live, and watch season 2 of LOST

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    I hear ya Chrios,

    Belleek has got up to 2.2 MB/sec as standard.


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    My “up to 8MB” line should be installed on Wednesday…if the bast BT man can be arsed to turn up this time…

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    hi jedi boy where you from

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    I PM’d ya.


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    Hrm, XPS’ arent TOO bad, but they are still A) Dell and B) Pre-Built with someone components of unknown origin. IMO anyway, if one was spending THAT much money on a PC they should go for a self build, any self respecting gamer is able to put a computer together tbh. I built my baby here and it was my first time and all I needed to ask about was the 20/24 pin mobo power connector thing, everything else works like a jigsaw…if it fits then it goes there…

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    Aye I did the same….true enough I fried the first mobo but that was down to a dodgy power supply. Home building PCs is pretty much like Lego only with Thermal Compound…. and the possibility to electrocute yourself if you’re that way inclined

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    Indeedy, but IMO the results are well worth it…

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    Aye. But its prudent not to be cheap on any component. Any time I’ve built a system and tried to cut corners I’ve always regretted it later.

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    Indeed, thats why I would always recommend a self build as you always know what you’re buying. Even if your buying cheaper stuff at least you know what your getting whereas with some Dell’s alot of the OEM stuff they use can be dodgy enough if stressed too much..

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    Ok, got it. XPS are bad. What about AlienWare boxes?

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    Over priced, and the support just isnt what it use to be… But I had a bad experience with them :?

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    Got an Alienware about 3 months ago, great so far

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