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    interesting for a machine launching in NOVEMBER….

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    yeah i heard this allready, but most people are saying that that means the 360 will be more powerfull than it looked at E3 (it would need to)

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    Yea I mentioned this in passing awhile back, funnily enough NONE of the next-gen consoles had working machines at the E3, they were all running on simulated hardware.

    If you read some of the other articles you may see people expressing concern that some XBox 360 games lagged during play, as was explained in the above article, that was because they were being run on current systems with only a Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra or ATi Radeon x850. Sony got around this by using pre-renders! :D

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    I remember the same thing was said about Microsoft’s early shots of the first xbox…..

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    i heard the 360 was only running at a third of its final power.

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    interesting for a machine launching in NOVEMBER….[/quote:d932f3ab1d]2 x Mac G5s were the early dev kits for Xbox 360… a bit surprising that playable code is still being demoed on them at this late stage

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    i heard that apple are ditching IBM as their processor provider.. they’re getting in Intel

    … am hoping it’ll sort out the noise issues the G5s are having.

    i just purchased the supposedly best one apple has.. dual 2.7ghz G5 .. spent 4500 on it with ram and HD upgrades..

    and it sounded like a kettle gone wrong… not to mention the constant beeping that was coming from somewhere inside the case..

    i’ve sent it back and am getting a refund from apple..

    here’s to a quiet future

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    Holy moly!! I’ve read lots about how noisy the G5s are people building little iso-booths and machine rooms…one guy literally buried his in a hole in the ground!!

    i know your a s-machead clare, but have you ever had a jook a carillon audio computers (www.carillondirect.com)… apparently you just hear them.

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    hi Dermy :D

    i’m a machead because of Logic … i love the way it works.. the instruments the plugs..it’s fab to write music with..


    maybe it’s about time to look elsewhere though.. the waiting can’t carry on forever..

    hope all is well in Torc land :D

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    i doubt xbox will ditch the ibm processor. they went with them initially because ms will own the designed to the xbox 360’s IBM modified power pc chip.

    So they can control the production cost, by out sourcing the schematics to 3rd parties. Something which they couldnt do with intel before, because intel owned the designs, so intel set the price, did all the production etc, which fluxed up\down with stock market etc.

    I have no doubt it will all be sorted in time for late August when the production lines in China start up and start churning out the first XBox 360’s.

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