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      There’s a web browser on the way for mobiles which will facilitate AR (Augmented Reality) functionality.

      This is, IMO, truly awesome, and gets me one step closer to the "Minority Report-like" tech I’ve been waiting on since, well, I saw Minority Report.

      Anyway, apparently, there’s a company in Dublin, "Mercury Girl" involved:


      Haven’t heard of them before, but they’ve got products on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

      Any one on the forums involved?

      Plenty of articles on their blog here:

      Congrats to them, and I look forward to their future apps.

      And also worth checking out is Layar – http://layar.com/. Awesome.


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      They’re not the only one – the first AR app on the iPhone App Store was ‘Pocket Universe’ by Dublin-based Craic Design. It’s an astronomy app that uses the Compass in the iPhone 3GS to show you your night sky. John Kennedy, the developer, also co-founded XCake (the Irish iPhone developer community) which now lives at http://x-cake.ning.com (and you can see the folk involved if you search on Twitter for #xcake ).

      I’ve a heap of AR-related stuff on my blog and there’s two Irish-sourced AR companies starting up in stealth that I know about. AR is still very much on the hype curve (check our Gartner) but it’s starting to make a splash for mobile sensor-based AR due to the power of todays smartphones. Real machine-vision AR still requires a really powerful machine so it’s a wee bit off for mobiles but they can handle marker-based AR.

      John also hacked together a demo AR app for me to present to some investors – he’s a pretty smart guy!

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      Check out "Invizimals" here:


      or for those who prefer video, check out here:



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