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    Heres a picture of my buddy Jay’s new arcade machine that he’s after building.

    HERE for a bigger picture off arcadecab.com

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    Amazing, I once spent a night in some guys house through a friend of a friend and he had something very simialr. It was like reliving my whole childhood in one night! Great stuff

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    Fuckin’ class!

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    I want one! I want one!

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    I bought an actual cabinet with the intent of putting a PC with MAME into it, and wiring up the micro-switched joysticks and buttons to a keyboard etc.

    This was about 6 years ago, the machine is in pieces now awaiting me re-starting the project :)

    The unit itself ( a 2-player NeoGeo unit, with “select game” button ) only cost me about 50 quid, and it had all the authentic ciggie burns etc on it.

    it’s worth contacting your local amusement / arcade company, and asking them who supplies the units to them. It isn’t worth them fixing an old machine, and you will want a broken one anyways as you’ll have to break it anyways for putting in a PC with MAME.


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    This looks fab..

    if I buy one I’d need someone else to sort it out though..

    so i wonder if there’s a place to buy them already converted :D

    enjoy your new best friend Max

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    Not quite an arcade unit at home, but close, cheaper, and a little bit smaller :)



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    I have a Virtua Fighter arcade cabinet in my mothers Kitchen, imported it from the UK…from arcadewarehouse.

    Boy, did I waste money back in the old days.

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    ithis guys making a Cabinet himself and whats powering it?…. a dreamcast…:D

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