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      Hi guys,

      Off your subject but, does anyone know any 3D Architectural Visual companies in Ireland preferably around the Dublin Area.? Or any search tips you may have.

      Thanks in advance


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      Hi Daniel,

      We have recently finished work on a architecture project in London, you can see two older screenshots of the project ( using actual photography of the area ) here…


      We develop interactive visualisations, so you can toggle buildings ( old / new ) on and off, change materials and show new prices etc if required.

      Old demonstrations ( the level of visualisation, including shadows etc, has been improved tenfold ) of interactive buildings can be viewed here…


      ( The demonstrations can be veiwed online like above, or offline ( they are very compact, completely standalone, and will fit on one of those credit card sized CDs )

      We have a number of other demonstrations, if this is the type of thing that you are looking for then you can contact me off-list and I can send you more information.

      Best regards…

      Just as a side note, are there any 3D artists on the lists who have skills in, or who are interested in creating, interactive 3D visualisations of buildings and architecture? We have a potential project coming up in this field that will require that we outsource quite a bit of work, and we’re looking for contacts who would have

      a) an interest in this field
      b) some experience creating real-time buildings, lightmapping etc
      c) experience using Shockwave 3D and it’s various features

      If you have either one of the above, pm me or drop me a line at the candointeractive.com account and I’ll get you more information ( including a sand-box type application that we use to put together basic interactive scenes )

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      heres one in galway if it helps.


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      Quite a lot of architectural companies do VIZ, however I think most of the time the actual architects do it, through multiple programs like CAD, ArtLantis and more common packages like Max.

      I get the impression it is a very difficult business to get into unless you are in the field already and move into the Viz side. That was the impression I got from one interview I had……but maybe that was just the way they did it!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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