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    Really, are they??

    I finished playing POP2 recently and its was a constant struggle to keep playing, but I wanted to say I’d finished it to give a reason for the money spent on it. But when I think about it, this seems to be a trend I’m going through. I really don’t seem to be getting a lot of enjoyment out of games these days. Take GTA:SA, for a minute I’ll ignore the really annoying fitness and eating bits, but after a while it all becomes monotonous, drive here, kill him, come back…soon your doing them in different order and with different vehicles but really, its just the same thing. Why do I keep playing it ? Because the story intruiges me. I want to know what happens.

    So it seems my reasons for playing games these days seem to stem from following a good story, or just wanting to finish it for the sake of completeness.

    The exception to this is when I play Battlefield 1942 at work. Why, because its multi-player and its competitive.

    Is the fun element of game-play going / gone ?? Is multi-play the only way forward ???

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    HECK-NO!! do you not own a gamecube or something?? some of the most enjoyable games are on that console. check out the new donkey kong jungle beat, check out new zelda next year. i know gizmo DX is gona reply to this with a huge list of game-play filled titles. maybe you should invest, if you havnt already, in a ds, or a psp??? you’d be suprised how addictive some games on the ds can become.

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    I’ve got a Cube and i enjoy many of the games, but…fun…i’m not sure. Mario Party, fantastic…but its multi-play. Don’t have jungle beat, but have played it once, did seem quiet fun. The new zelda….its not out for months yet!!!!
    PSP doesn’t interest me at all. Its a handheld full of ported games.
    I’ve got a DS and of the 20* titles that are currently available, nothing apart from Advance Wars really pushes my buttons. There’s a new Kirby game coming soon that looks quiet fun.

    * maybe there’s more than 20, but there aren’t many ;)

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    Well it depends on what you consider “fun” I suppose. Having just finished the likes of HL2, PoP/Pop2, Max Payne / MP2 and Riddick I must say I found all of them thoroughly enjoying yet also great fun. What “fun” was in each of them differed however. In say Max Payne “fun” for me was diving into a room, kicking in bullet time and taking out a room full of heavily armed terrorists without taking much damage, in PoP it was pulling off some of the cooler double weapon combos, in Riddick it was sneaking behind a guard, breaking his neck silently, grabbing his body and dragging it into the shadows just before one of the Guard Mechs came around the corner.

    Now fair enough that may make me sound like a sociopath but like…*shrug* each to their own I guess… :D

    Oh and Damien, did you get to see the alternate ending in PoP2 yet?

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    Castlevania is really cool on the DS and just finished Kirby which is loads of fun too.

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    No, PoP2 was too frustrating to play through again, so haven’t seen it.
    Started Luigi’s Mansion last night. I like :)

    Haven’t got a machine able to play HL2, so I’ve missed out on that. I enjoyed Max Payne when they came out. That was actually one of the games I most enjoyed playing as my flatmate and I both started out one night and we played through, getting little sleep finishing within about 3 minutes of each other. He won, damn him!
    Some games I play for the challenge, but there are few games that I can play and put down with a smile on my face thinking, that was great! Remember when you used to be able to finish games in a few hours and you’d replay them over and over? Remember Monkey Island….

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    Ah monkey Island…..Lucasarts games were the games that were really fun to me as a kid. Games like Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle left me with a really good feeling inside that I had actually accomplished something. I really miss games like that.

    I think I understand what you mean, I have been trying to play loads of games on the PC recently, ones that got really good reviews, but not one of them had me intrested for more than five minutes. I suppose it might be that Im too busy making them now to actually have fun with them, looking for the small errors or imperfections….

    Its funny you should mention multiplayer being the way forward, the only game I have been having fun with recently is Guild Wars.

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    Had little to do over the weekend so watched soem of the ‘making of’ DVD that comes with Halo2.

    One of the developers said something like the following;

    “You need to get about 30 seconds of fun gameplay. Once you have that you can ‘stretch’ it into a full game. In the case of HAlo, that 30 seconds, is creeping up on a bunch of guys, taking one or two out before they realise you’re there, lobbing in a grenade and mopping up the stragglers.”

    Now, that hits the nail on the head. That’s why games are no fun – they are sooooo repetitive. Found that with Halo 2 and did not even finish HL2 because things just went on and on and on and I found myself doing the same stuff again and again.


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    I find LAN parties to be far better craic than playing single players, as when you win, you can have a good laugh with your comrades in the room, or (not that I’d know personally…) when you lose, you can grumble about the other team cheating.

    Think the last time I actually smiled playing a game, was listening to those “Trash-Talking Stormtroopers” in Jedi Knight II : Jedi OutCast.

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    Players arent just looking for a single player experience now from their gaming. Network multiplayer has been brought to the mainstream with X-Box Live. The Fun in those games is generated by knowing that you are actually playing another person, and beating/losing other real people from somewhere on the planet is great. Multiplayer LAN sessions are great too cuz you can shout into the room next door when u bag someone.
    What is fun also depends upon the person playing the game.

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    Nah, games still have different elements of skill, challenge, strategy, shock etc. The element of fun, seems to be lacking these days.
    I can enjoy a game like Advance Wars for strategic thought-processes it provokes, but I don’t feel like I had “fun”, its more like doing a crossword.
    I can play a FPS, running about killing people, enjoying the skill involved in the accuracy, but I don’t find killing people a “fun” past-time.
    The only single player games I can think of that I’ve played any way recently are Paper Mario 2 and ( i just start 2 nights ago ) Luigi’s Mansion. They’re quirky and fun and also involve other elements to make the games “good games” too.

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    Hrm, don’t think I agree that players arent looking for a single player experience anymore from their games. While I love Counter-Strike and the thrill I get from beating another person at any online game, I equally love progressing through an interesting storyline in a single player game. The problem is that while the former can always be found in ready supply games with good storylines arent as plentiful these days…

    As for the “fun” issue. Well yes Sam N’ Max, Monkey Island and indeed all of LucasArts SCUMM games are the only ones which have made me laugh due to they actually being funny. Outside that I have found my fun in various homicidal rampages….

    Oh and just for Damien and the rest of you who havnt seen the alternate ending to PoP2:WW here it is in all its glory…took me awhile to cop how to get it but here you go available for a limited time only. :D

    NOW tell me you don’t want to get the new one…

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    Cheers Gizmo!!
    Now why the hell did they make that so hard to unlock! Thats such a better ending and a good start for the 3rd one. Hmm….thoughts wondering….new thread…

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    My thoughts EXACTLY! I mean the original ending was like, “Ok, looks good, probably get the new one.” whereas the unlocked one was more “OMG!” *preorders* or something along those lines… :D

    What makes it even worse is that I never unlock stuff in games, I really don’t see the point in replaying parts of games just to get X new feature or something. The only time I’ve done is with Burnout 3 which was so bloody addictive…

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    I meandered onto a new thread about that :)
    Am glad I’m not alone in these thoughts :)

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