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    very good article indeed.. looking forward to playing this game.

    many’s the hour was pissed away at college playing Quake 3 in the labs (along with wolfenstein). funny it was always around the month before our third\fourth year exams when we should have been cracking a book, one the lads would bring in the cd and install it on all the pc’s. one day we had about 8-10 aside in wolfenstein. happy days!

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    Heres a link to a small quake IV trailer type thing. It shows some ingame footage. Not much but something anyway.


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    Hrm…Mechs in Quake IV?? Well at least its not going to be as claustrophobic as the previous titles. Not mad about the Stroggos shown at about 0:10, he seems kinda plain texture wise. The chaingun is abit uninspiring aswell….meh I suppose you can’t really tell from footage that short…

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    Video is up from the E3…
    I’m pretty sure its been edited to remove all traces of blood hence the intense shades of blue evident throughout.

    Inital impressions…still kinda “meh” the models dont look particualrly detailed, the weapon models look terrible and not meaty at all and did I listen right? Have you, the player, become a Strogg?? :shock:

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    I think it looks well, but not the most impressive I’ve seen from E3, you could call it Doom 3.1!

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