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    Hey Darko, I like your stuff. More the first one but the arm and hand from your second post are nice. Thats also a bit to do with jealousy because hands are my worst point.

    You’d probably have more luck getting people to see it if you posted in General discussion as most of the other forums aren’t really used that much.

    Also you are very unlikely to get hired in any professional capacity straight from the internet. As well as the fact that the irish game industry could be described as fledgling at best. I had to go to england to get a job in the industry but good luck whatever you decide and keep up the good work!!

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    Thanks Andy!!!

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    Aphra K

    Hi DarkCult,

    we can add a link and summary of your details to the gallery and/or skills category of the website…See


    perhaps we will see you at forthcoming shindigs (meetings in pubs) or the launch of the IGDA Ireland chapter..

    jobs are posted here http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/community/jobs/


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