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    The start of StarCave, the first game after many times of getting there, has landed. Its a different type of title, its a first and we are proud no matter small of a game it is but to base it in Ireland. Camelot Galway – City Of The Tribes


    Feedback always welcome


    (Burning that late night candle again)

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    hmmm sexy. How is the game going to be distributed?

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    Are these news still produced using the new engine or straight DirectX/OpenGL?

    I understand if you are unable to disclose those details.

    Looks great.


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    I am unable to disclose how the game will be distributed currently which won’t be for too long.

    Camelot Galway – Torque Game Engine
    Illumina – Torque Game Engine
    Terra – (snapshot pic last week) Torque Shader Engine

    We have yet to release any screenshots of in-dev titles under the Reality Engine which will be some time away.

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    No bodger. I look forward to giving it a bash.

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    Darkblood –

    Thanks very much for that info. Its looking great. I downloaded the Torque Engine Demo, (having heard plenty of good things about it) and was genuinely suprised at its quality.

    How long have you guys been developing with it?


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    We have been developing on it for just over a year but alot of the major development has only happened this year on it.

    1.4 version (yet to be released) will quite a nice improvement with the engine & That art pipeline is being fixed and with all hope will be released before the year is out. The new lighting pack is very cool and its in the Illumina Beta (the pack is not released to the public yet) which if anyone was going to the IGC could test it out in playing the LAN games section with Illumina.

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