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    It seems at last we will be treated to an implementation of Joe Alter’s Shave and a Haircut hair and fur simulator in the forthcoming release of Max 7.5

    More here

    Joe Alter’s website:


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    So its coming bundled with 7.5? That pretty cool, seems that Discreet are really trying to add some high end features which would normally require buying a plugin(1st mental ray, then ClothFX and now Shave..)

    Next they just have to add a high-end fire/smoke plugin, like Afterburn….

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    Hmmm a volumetric particle solution, has to be on the cards at some point alright. Its good to see them making a serious effort to address developers needs, you left out Reactor in there which replaced Max’s pants dynamics system and indeed the impressive event based particle system,Particle Flow.

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    Oh yeah, forgot about Reactor and PFlow…..!

    Particle Flow is one powerful tool, have only barely used it, but it seems to be really great….

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