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      They have been advertising their course this week in the local papers.


      Course Subjects

      Year 1
      Mathematics, Software Development, Game Development, Web Technology, Communications and Computer Application, Digital Media , Requirements.

      Year 2
      Software Development, Mathematics, Game Development, Software Testing, Databases, Networks, Group Project.

      Year 3
      Software Development, Operating Systems and Virtualisation, Game Development in Java, Game Development in C++, Software Quality and Process Improvement, Placement.

      Year 4
      Project, Computer Graphics, Distributed Systems, Game Technology, Databases, Networks, Security, Management and Organisational Behaviour, Law Ethics Computer and Society

      Possible employers include: Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Eircom, IBM, SunSoft, Ericsson, Riverdeep, as well as financial institutions and the public sector. [/quote:5b3ca61ddf]

      Now after reading this course outline, it is no more geared towards games than their previous BSC and I am very interested to find out

      1. Who is heading up this course
      2. What relevant experience they have
      3. Game Development
      4. Why on earth they are have Game Development in Java when they also have Game Development in C++

      To me this is a blatant rebadging of a course to try and lure in students into the course. It makes me cringe somewhat. I would much rather they just called it a Computer Science Degree and offer potential game related subjects. Instead of adding (Game Development) to the end of the course title.

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      yep GD in java and C++ smells fishy.. Just let java die! Nobody ever used it for commerical games (dont quote the few sun do, because i wouldnt regard them as been good games and defo not console!), nobody ever will either.

      Sounds like your typical rebadge.

      As for employters:

      None of these make games except MS and they dont in ireland. Bit of a joke!

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      From what I had heard the undergrad in CS in Athlone wasn’t too bad actually, however from the course outline it seems like they’ve just added the 5 modules with "Game" in them and renamed it. Poor show really but hardly anything new these days…

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      Aphra K

      ronan, sounds like you should be offering your services to Athlone IT…


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      I already do, just not for courses. I was a tad shocked when I saw it and didn’t believe what I was hearing when I read it.

      It’s certainly not new but after all the efforts being done by students, colleges and lecturers to offer valuable games courses I find it rather pitiful that there is still the mentality "A shure we’ll tack on Games Development to increase numbers…. anyone know anything about game development?"

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      Thats quite bad in my opinion. Its going to suck people in who think it will get them a job in the industry when it will do far far from it.

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      I think google are looking to get involved with games, with their forth-coming Android platform, so maybe Athlone somehow got a partnership going their.

      Or maybe I’m being overly optimistic.

      Either way, I think your criticisms are bang on the money. Java???

      This seems to be the faculty:

      And a list of the lectures in that faculty can be found here:

      But there does not seem to be individual pages for each member of staff, list of publications, papers, research interests, etc.

      Maybe it was just me, but when I was looking around at undergrad (and grad) courses, I thoroughly "vetted" each university (as best I could) at the time.

      To give Athlone the benefit of the doubt, they are advertising the course as a BSc in Software Design (GameDev), so technically they could teach 2D flash games, / J2ME and not be break any promises.


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