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      This Babylon 5 game was axed a year or two ago
      (can’t remember when – just remember that it was axed cause I was really looking forward to it)

      It seems that some of the original team are continuing to develop it and its going to be available for free download (or maybe thats just the demo, if they are selling the game they’d have to buy the rights to it/b5 – not sure if they did or not)

      anyway, have a look, haven’t played it myself yet, but have heard good things –



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      ‘Into the Fire’ axed many years ago actually, more like 4 or 5 if I remember rightly.
      This one is pretty excellent, amazing for freeware. Audio tends to be overlooked in smaller productions so I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality here, even the voice acting is pretty good.

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      “amazing for freeware”

      thats what I was trying to say in a round about way in the first post!

      maybe they haven’t bought the rights to bab5, just their own code/sounds etc. from their previous work.

      if they dont have the rights they couldn’t sell it (right?), but they could have a freeware version.

      at least, i think thats how it works!
      correct me please.

      if it is the old material & they bought it from their company (or something along those lines) it would explain the good quality sounds etc – because someone was paid good money at the time to produce them.

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