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    Aphra K

    Not I am back and likely to stay for a little while I am thinking of upgrading from pay as you go and getting a phone which I can play mobile games on.

    Anyone got any recommendations? Most of my phones to date have had no functionality at all so this is a whole new world for me!


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    Get a decent phone for calls and then get a GBA:SP / Micro for playing games on :)

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    Aphra K

    true but I can’t try out new mobile games on the GBA: SP (and actually I have one!) and I want to reduce the no of things I have to carry on the bike each day..


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    Get a bigger bike instead :twisted:

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    “We’re gonna need a bigger bike”

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    I’ve never used a phone that had keys that were in decent game-playing position. If anything they’re getting worse, its getting harder to even type txts with the new small phones, don’t know how anyone could play games on them. Its an sector i can’t see myself giving much attention to.

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    You could try something like the Nokia 6630/6680 or the Sony Erricson S700i, both are very powerful devices as phones go. The Erricson has better features and the operating system is very sturdy. It has cool features as an organiser aswell. Its very cool for games because it has such a big resolution on it.

    Although the nokia series 60 phones (such as 6630/6680) in my opinion aren’t as useful as the Sony Erricsonon, Games are more available for them since they are for now more common. So if you want a phone specifically for playing games A Nokia would probably be best as you get New releases for them quicker.

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    Buy on NGage?


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    Aphra K

    Gosh you are all very anti-mobile games…what about those of you actually making them? Thanks Max, I will have a look at those models. As for an Ngage, the new design is meant to be much better than the old one, mind you an old thread started by Mr Ian_Hannigan does spring to mind…remember side talkin?

    A friend of mine had a phone recently which was a Vodaphone phone but looked like an PDA in terms of screen size etc. Synched with all her e-mail, contacts etc too..

    What about the new 3G phones?


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    I would recommend an LG handset from 3, good all round phone packed with features.

    Regarding Nokia Series 60 devices, I guess the best here would be the 6680 although developers find it quite buggy. Nokia are putting great effort into the N Series, which is stylish Series 60. Series 60 are best for games play as most developers develop for this and port to other manufacturers.

    Sounds like your friend had a Blackberry. Very useful phones.

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    Aphra K

    it did’t look like a blackberry but maybe it is a Vodaphone version of the ones I have seen before.


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    Hrm, my mate has one of the O2 Xda IIs and its rather funky. He has Virtual Pool running on it and it looks great and he also has all his mail etc.. synched too. Its a tad bulky for me though, as I find all PDA type phones…

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    new sony ericsson seems pretty decent. got a mp3 player built in which takes memory stick. also its got this class after burner clone on it rendered in full 3d. frame rate is good too, with great particle effects. definately would be the phone id get if i had the dosh spare and wanted a phone.

    although im content with my rubbish tesco’s mobile, coz i have the psp for games on the move. :)

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    Aphra, the phones I mentioned the Nokia 6630 and 6680 and also the Sony Erricson S700i are 3G smart phones.

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    a phone which I can play mobile games on. Anyone got any recommendations?

    Yeah Aphra the two Max said and if you want something small and slim with VERY similar general features and even better support for gaming (operators / handset) you’d do well to beat the Sony Ericsson K700i :

    More info / user reviews

    Glossy Photos


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    I dont have a mobile or know anything about them so I’ll suggest this:

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    Why, oh why, can’t Nintendo just WELD on a sim-card slot, and then the world would be perfect.

    Shigeru, my man, if your reading this, gimme a call, I’ve got sketches, I’m sure Me, You, and Nokia, can make this work!

    All i ask is that you help me fulfill a life-long dream.

    I become the third Mario Brothers, or at least MARIO’S IRISH COUSIN for any further releases.

    Don’t think I’m asking too much…and I’m a plumber on weekends, really!

    Got my own boiler suit, tool-belt, the works!

    I know my 318’s from my 312’s! Test me damnit! test me! You want under-floor heating, no problem!!!!

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    you have seriously got a problem :wink:

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    Im with you rich.

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    Bloody hell, how low is your self esteem if you are willing to be ranked after luigi?

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    Hey Hey Hey!

    Who mentioned anything about being ranked AFTER Luigi…

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    ok ok ok, after yoshi then. :D

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    Hey Aphra

    So you might be entering the mobile gaming world….

    Well, we’ve a whole bunch of phones in here , and the ones i tend to use are the ones that are easiest to text with…. with big buttons

    As Ireland is a really really small market, we only have about half the selection of phones available in the UK – so that means a limited amount of cool phones here. In general (and my experience), phones from the East (read Sharp , Samsung) are miles ahead of ‘de others’….. taking usability, functionality, etc into account.

    A good phone now should have video compatibility with 3gp files (not particularly 3g), Java (midp2 & 3D), bluetooth, infrared (handy for backups… ahem) and a preconfigured Internet APN (means you can pop your emails, etc, plus play multiplayer games) – some phones have lots more (mp3, radio, toasters ?) but thats more a personal preference..

    Ones with the above would include the Nokia 6320, Sony Ericsson F500 & Samsung D500….. a lot will depend what’s on offer with each operator,supplier

    Happy shopping


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    I can’t help but notice the way that everyone ignored my proposal:

    GameBoy + Mobile Phone = PERFECTION

    Well, well, well, let me tell you that I am, in fact, not asking TOO much as those all-too-techy-Japs know a good idea when they see it, and voila!


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    I guess in my madness, I failed to read the small print, which apparently states that the product listed above only works over a normal home phone line.

    So no SIM CARD slot or anything like that. JUST YET.

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    Aphra K

    ok it took a while to get around to this but I got a Sony Ericsson K750i in the end – what a cool screen and camera. And they gave me 30 euro off cause I switched from Vodaphone to 02 – without having to change my no. How nice is that.


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    Nice one Aphra – that seems to meet your specs! ;)

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