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    Hi everyone,

    I’m just starting to model in 3ds max 7 and was wondering if anyone could recommend their favourite/best online tutorials. I have found a few but would like a more informed view if possible.



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    Polycount has good video tutorials. But none are really aimed at Max 7.


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    Check out 3dbuzz.com and 3dtotal.com

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    the standard 3dsmax tutorials included with the package are really easy to get you started…you should probably start there.

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    Never said thanks, eh, so thanks. Must say 3dbuzz video tutorials coupled with online tutorials are excellent. The video tutorials help make a lot of things much clearer.

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    yeah the buzz tuts are great, but u get sick on the america voices after a while :wink:

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    gee, I downloaded some of those videos from Max… *shudder*
    I am not sure, are we supposed to learn from those things or just give up and never look at the damn thing again
    (I was considering changing my sig to something like “3DSMax sucks…give me back my life” :evil:)

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    (I was considering changing my sig to something like “3DSMax sucks…give me back my life” :Evil:)[/quote:26ce4e77a4]

    Like most things that’s gone straight over my head….

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    I remember, a good 9 years ago, I was still using 3D Studio 2 at the time.
    Then Max arrived on the scene, and I kinda didn’t have the time to really learn it. And to be honest, I found the interface a bloody mess, unfriendly and absolutely overwhelming.
    And now, 9 years later, I find it hasn’t changed one bit from what I remember…
    and I have this bloody assignement to do, and every freaking time I am doing something in Max I keep telling myself (“Wow, I just spent an HOUR on this when it would have taken me a few minutes in Valve Hammer”).

    To be fair, I am starting to get the hang of it, but this software is a freaking black hole :?

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    theres some good free video tutorials on http://www.3d-palace.com and http://www.3dtotal.com/ has some nice free tutorials too categorised begginer to expert.


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