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    Anyone played this grand strategy game?


    I’ve been fighting my addiction to it until I get through my exams. You can pretty much do anything you want. Achieve Lebensraum with Nazi Germany; keep the British Empire as the world’s policeman; Win the Cold War with Russia; or maybe play as Ireland and invade the north! :P

    I’m playing as Greece at the minute and am tearing my way through Eastern Europe. It’s great fun if you’re into these kind of games, but it’s heavy going. Don’t expect to see your girlfriend picking it up for five minutes before going out for the night.

    EDIT: Hmm.. the server has to go down as soon as I post the link. Should be working soon.

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    EDIT: Hmm.. the server has to go down as soon as I post the link. Should be working soon.[/quote:6b949e1db8]

    Just don’t go looking for the prequel

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    Its a great game, real timeish, every second of gametime is an hour of WWII. But if you’re good you can go beyond the apparent limits of the scenario, I recently watched a friend, playing as the UK, invade the US, having gone East around the globe

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    Where’d ya get it? Is it available online?

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    Original version was on Play.com here but its completely sold out now. There is Hearts Of Iron II: Doomsday which they describe as “a standalone, complete version of the game that expands upon Hearts of Iron II, by increasing the time line to include the development of super weapons” and such, so that may be just as good. Link here.

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    The website is back up now, catbert.

    Playing as Nazi Germany is a lot of fun. They have no colonies so you’re able to expand right from the start. They’re very powerful too. Playing as the British or French empires is a little boring as they already have a lot of territory in Africa and beyond. Play as a country in Europe. There’s so many countries and opportunities for war. The Far East is also a good place to play in because of the rival Chinese groups.

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