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    do any of you guys got bf2 ? if you do add me to xfire: steveskittles
    reply here too to let me know!! i hope some of you do. 8)

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    hmmmm strange!!!! :shock: :shock:

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    Tough crowd.

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    Aphra K

    all I can say is no I don’t and I don’t even know what it is..


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    You’ll probably find no one will answer until at least Monday. Most people here access the site from a work PC.

    I don’t bother with it myself!

    all I can say is no I don’t and I don’t even know what it is..

    BF2 is short for Battlefield 2. It’s a game that you can play online.

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    Aphra K

    ah ok, heard of the game alright..just wasn’t sure you were talking about a game Steve..

    and yes most people access the site from work or college..


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    oops sorry!! just wondering if anyone played. its a great way to get to know people!!…………………still NO ONE PLAYS!!!!! :cry:

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    We’re all too busy making games. You cant actually play games and make games at the same time – there’s not enough time in the day :)


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    wow, then again a good game of battlefield takes hours, also the high specs needed to play. 10 meg connection anybody?

    also I’m not a competitive gamer….

    And I refuse to play time consuming games. any thing online is time consuming and sleep consuming. anything more than 15 hours of playtime is out of the question until the summer. and when I get a job, they are out of the question untril I retire.

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    wow, then again a good game of battlefield takes hours, also the high specs needed to play. 10 meg connection anybody?[/quote:0ba1931ed2]

    err I’ve a 3meg connection and play lag free.

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    I’ve had 5 people playing on a 3mb connection all fine.


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    i think thats for setting up your own server or something. it does support up to 64 players. but still the specs are ridiculous. I cn’t run it and my PC was top of the line, built myself 18 months ago.

    people complaoin about console cycles, i complain about PC graphics card cycles.

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    I’d guess you have 1GB of RAM in it, to play BF2 with everything on high you need at least 2GB

    The problem with setting up a server is caused by your upload speeds, you might have 1meg downstream but chances are you only have 256/128 kbps upstream so that’s where the bottleneck lies, if you want to host you’ll have to invest in renting out a dedicated box or a BF2 server until we see symmetrical lines coming into the norm(or at the very least faster uploads), hosting any game is not advisable.

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    Played it for the first time today. Thought it was pretty cool alrite, reminded me of Desert Combat so that can’t be a bad thing! :D

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    come on people!!! you dont need LOADS of time to play it. a few rounds here and there would be nice. :)

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    I play it regularly. BF2 ID is ambro25.

    As for specs –

    (i) my ‘turnkey’ HP bought from the guys in purple ( :oops: ) two years ago played it fine in ‘stock’ form (A64 3000+, 512 RAM 2700, ATi 9700 Pro) and now plays it even better (same CPU/mobo, 1GB RAM 2700, ATi 9800XT)…

    …hardly top-of-the-shelf material these days :wink:

    (ii) erm… and to those who would still whinge about the high specs above, my DELL D600 also plays it fine (in lo-vis mode) in ‘stock’ form (P-M 1.6, 512 RAM, ATi M9 32MB).

    I’ve got an NTL 1 Meg line – no lag/connectivity issues (wired from desktop or WiFi’d from laptop).

    If people want some ‘tuning’ hints for BF2 (nothing fancy/not oc’ing and stuff like that), just ask :D

    Don’t know jack-sh*t about xfire tho’ :oops:

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    Its an in-game instant messenger application, which allows you to track the servers and games people within your friends list. Useful if you’re in a clan.


    My tag is kbound

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    do you guys have mics? you can join me on Teamspeak2 if you want and we can have abit of craic

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    I busted my mic the last COD scrim I was in… who knew it wouldnt be beerproof

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    Wish the college would open up some ports… we have been playing LAN for the last few weeks, though. There is like half a dozen of us.
    IT’s a bloody good game, if only it didnt require a beast to play it… until I got my gig of RAM on XMas it was pretty much ugly as hell, or unplayable. Now it’s nice and smooth. Who thought 512Mb of RAM would make such a difference, eh?

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    Suprised at that, all my extra 512 RAM did was improve map load times :wink: – only thing to improve GFX / FPS was (repeatedly) updgrading the GFX card (9200SE > 9700 Pro > 9800 XT).

    Have mic/headset, will talk :lol:

    Thx for x-fire linkie, will investigate shortly.

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    Philippe the reason they can’t open the ports is because you are (I assume anyway) on HEANet and using that network for games is in breach of their usage regulations. It ain’t your computer services department’s fault :D

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    Oh, don’t misunderstand me, I am not whining cos I cant play on the Net, eh? It’s a college after all, not a cyber cafe. It’s just it would be nice, seeing how there is a game development course n all…
    you know, for “educational purposes”.
    Imagine playing games on the crystal clear bandwidth of HEANet *drools*. I still get all fuzzy inside when I see some download speeds…

    Yeah right :wink:

    I played it yesterday since I am at home in France, this week, and I had an absolute blast. Was on a quiet enough server, piloting my heli (I am a heli pilot since BF Vietnam), having a blast.
    I love the way, when u r on a public and you have a vague idea what you are doing, other players will naturally gravitate towards you :)
    It’s really something, to be able to communicate without really using anything else than the radio commands there and your actions in the game (my Shuttle’s mike is dead)

    Aaaaaah, I am _so_ gonna have a blast at the next LAN :twisted:

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    Heh, you should come along to our next LAN to be honest. As Chair of the Games Soc this year I’m going to be making a major push for intervarsity events starting with a big Intervarsity LAN here in DCU in the Winter. :D

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    there isnt even a Games Soc up here :cry:
    Personally I would love to start a soc, I actually wanted to, this year, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything else than computer gamers those days. I keep fuckin telling them “if all u know is computer games, your games are gonna end up like the kid from Deliverance. Inbreeding, you know?”
    Don’t think I’m getting through yet. I used to be good at “converting people”: I would bring a nice shiny deck of cards and start showing it around… “oh yeah, it’s not too hard. Oh and look, I think I have another deck here, wanna try a game?”
    It’s pretty much like dealing dope ;-)
    Board games and role playing games are what I really want to play, though, and that’s much harder to “sell”.
    Honestly, though, it’s just that those days I couldn’t really be bothered… I did the experiment last year: roleplaying.
    What can I say, I wanted to play something else than bloody DnD.
    I tried Vampire with a small group, which was great! But they are already booked in a big DnD campaign. So I tried with another group, except I thought Vampire would be a bit tough for beginners, so I tried something different, Tribe 8, thinking “well, it’s a post apo setting, surely, that means more action”.
    Grave. Mistake.
    After a few weeks of play, and much, much wreaking of my head, and wanting to murder one or two specific players, I decided to take a break. To be fair, there were only a few annoying players, out of the eight, but still, I havent played since.
    And yet I keep buying the books, and the games, and the miniatures.
    Feck, I could start a Games Soc all on my own, with what I have in my bedroom…

    actually if u got any pointers, I’d happy to hear about them. I only have to do my postGrad memoir until Christmas, so unless I get a job in the course (they could use somebody who actually knows game programming, badly), I doubt whether I’ll still be here long, but still, I’d love to help get things started.

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    Ahhhhhhh! You’re one of THOSE “gamers” :shock: No, Games Soc caters for computer gamers only, we don’t like the “others”. If you want to dabble in the other kind of games then, take it to DCU STOCS tbh… :D

    If you really want to set up one of those kind of socities drop me a PM and I’ll put you in contact with one of my mates who’s heavily involved in STOCS. But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. :D

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    LMAO :D
    So you are one of those nerds? And I’d be a geek then? ;)

    No but seriously, I don’t really see what the need for a comp game soc is… I mean, _everybody_ plays computer games nowadays. It’s not even nerdy anymore cos of the Net. Shit, my wee sis is already on the Net; my friend’s kid is only 3 and he can play on a PS2, and actually do some shooting on BF42… everybody I tell you!

    Whereas proper games… have you heard of Pirates of the Spanish Main? Colons of Catan? Legend of the Five Rings? Confrontation? Awale? And so many bloody others!
    The way I see it, it’s good for comp gamers to extend their horizons. They are nerdy enough as it is :P

    Plus I want people to play with ;)

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    Really? To be honest I think its great, its a way for people to get together to play against some new people. I mean, you can’t beat the feeling of kicking someones ass at your favourite game when they’re in the same room as you. :D

    It also helps in organising bigger events like LAN, large scale console tournaments and over-nighters in the LAN Cafes in town. the problem is just getting other people to realise this and to show them how much fun it is! :D

    Yea I’ve heard of Pirates of the Spanish Main alright, never played it though. I’ve never really gotten into any of those kinda games though. They’ve just never really interested me tbh.

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    Plus I want people to play with ;)[/quote:6f4948b168]

    Well, I’m an old tabeltop rpg gamer moving my family to Letterkenny from Belfast at the end of the summer and I wont have anyone to game with either.

    Can you start a soc with two (three if we count the wife)?

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    Well, if all goes according to plan, I should be here till Christmas doing my MSc, so the plan is to try and get something started.
    One of the first year who is also interested in that is getting info on what has to be done, but essentially, you just setup a little stand on Clubs and Socs day at the beginning of the year and you hope enough people turn up :)
    With the amount of games I’ve in my room, I think I could do something, I’ve enough cards to do some demos of Magic the Gathering (complete beginners can always relate to cards), I’ve this cool Pirates of the Spanish Main board game/war game, and classics like Awele are always well received as they are very easy to learn. I want to avoid standard card games or Chess, cos the idea would be to attract people who aren’t afraid to try something a bit different.
    I could probably bring of my minis to show the stuff you can get when you know how to paint (maybe a little diorama if I find the materials I need around here…)

    So anyway, there is hope yet :P

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    Well, if all goes according to plan, I should be here till Christmas doing my MSc, so the plan is to try and get something started.

    If you’re interested, ireland has a thick and fast con calendar for RPGs and LAN gaming – QCon in Belfast is soon and you could bulk up on contacts and cohorts. It’s the most likely catchment point for gamers up north like us – recruit from the converted maybe?


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    Thought this’d be the best thread to post in:
    There’s a Battlestar Galactica mod for BF2 available on http://www.bf2files.com called Rise of Kobol (RoK). It’s in beta form – 1 map, ZERO G COMBAT, viper mkII’s versus Cylon raiders – all from the new series, fighting over a cylon Tylium mining operation on an asteriod (just like in “Hand of God”).

    Quite fun, certainly the zero-g combat takes some getting used to, but it’s pretty cool!

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    I like Battlestar Galactica…especially because of the actress Grace Park and that Blonde Cylon.

    Seriously though, its a good fraking show.

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    Yeah, I love that show too, pain in the ass having to wait til October for season 3. They better stockpile the budget and pull something amazing out of their asses after that set-up at the end of season 2. Did you see that? Crazy! I’ll say no more.

    PS:”Set-up” isn’t a spoiler – I just mean the turn of events at the end of the season.

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    lol, nice link.
    Let’s get back on topic.

    BF2 is a terrible memory leaker.

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    well, we sorta derailed the thread quite some time ago anyway…

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    *looks at previous posts*

    So! Bunny rabbits or pet squirrels? :P

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