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    Hey guys.

    Our fundit campaign went live yesterday and we are still reeling from the response. I am super interested in this form of finance and I think it is going to play a huge part in the future of our industry.

    I invite you to check it out.

    I would be delighted to share any and all findings with our fellow Irish game devs. Just let us know, during or after.

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    Good work :)

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    Thanks Ivan!

    We are doing our first real promotion of the campaign today, so it will be interesting to see the effects.

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    Great way to get funding for a project. Well done on reaching your target so fast.

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    Thanks guys!

    Maybe you should have went a bit higher considering how many days you have left.[/quote:6d9d8cb81a]

    That has certainly been said by the whole team. We ended up spending quite a lot of time thinking about the amount before we launched the campaign.

    The thing is, we really really needed the money for GDC and if you don’t hit your target, you don’t get anything. So we felt we needed to pick a target that would cover our costs, but we were confident we could reach.

    That said, we never expected the reaction we got, and it would have been better for us if we had gone for something a bit more ambitious. We expected to hit the 2000 in weeks, not days.

    Hopefully the next game going up there will have the gumption to aim a little higher.

    In the mean time we are going to continue to push the campaign and see how high we can get it.

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    Thanks Red.

    I’ll post up some pics when they are done.

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    Aphra K

    and all that flurry of posts reminded me that I had not updated our company database with your entry….sorry :oops:

    you are included now…


    PS I have already added three companies in January 2012 to the gd.ie company database..and about 14 last year. That is only those companies who approached us…we know there are more out there.

    PPS bring us back some pics from gdc!

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    Absolutely, I’ll be taking snaps wherever I can :D

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    This game looks amazing and I will defo purchase when it comes out. Are you guys still accepting donations now that you’ve reached your target or does fundit work by capping you at a certain level, no more no less?

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    Thanks a million! we’re really glad you like the game – it WILL be amazing (we hope :wink: ) Yep, you are more than welcome to continue purchases until the deadline 15 days away :D

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    Sounds great, it was the presentation at GIG that sold me on it to be honest, I normally wouldn’t contribute to random internet campaigns! :)
    A couple of friends of mine were trying to raise money for an indie game here and they reached their target pretty quickly, but I’m sure they’d have loved something like fund it if they knew about it. Warning: that site is in German but you get the idea! :) Well done again! :)

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    Hey, didn’t know you were at the GIG! your blogpost was really good BTW, enjoyed it!

    Very glad you liked our little presentation! We’ve worked hard on trying to give the game a little something unique, there’ll be plenty more stuff in the final version :D !

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    Yup, I’m trying to get into game development so I’ve decided to try and be more active in the irish game dev community; I’ve joined here, started using twitter and I’m going to try to go to a few events. I mean I need as much exposure as possible as I’m studying multimedia, not game development but thats where I really have an interest. So to try and get a better idea of eh skills needed so I can work on them and the types of games and technologies people are working with at the minute.

    I actually always thought I’d have to emigrate to start working in game dev and design, especially after attending FMX last year, but after GIG I’m pretty hopeful about being able to get an internship or a graduate position here! :)

    Sounds great and best of luck again! :) Just pledged some, not much as a student but every little helps right? Any many thanks for the kind words bout the blog! :wink:

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    No unfortunately my rent dictates that I must have a weekend part-time job so I shall be working on Saturday. Although when I have a bit more notice in the future I may be able to attend a weekend event. :)

    Closer to my final project prototype I will be hoping to pop up to Dublin to meet with a few games studios just for a professional opinion, particularly with casual developers so hopefully I will get a chance to pop over to ye then. i assume ye are based in Dublin yes?

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    Ah that’s a shame! It’s looking to be a massive event.

    We are based in Dublin, very close to the Guinness Storehouse in fact! You’re more than welcome to pop in and have a chat-lunch with us.

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