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      Blender, the OpenSource 3D modelling, animation and Game Engine app, continues to grow from strength to strength.

      You can get an overview of the new features, as well as download it, at the link below…


      It has exporters for a number game engines such as Quake and Ogre, as well as DirectX and Collada ( common game import formats ), as well as its own built-in game format.

      If you would like to create some building models for Google Earth, the Collada exporter will allow you to use Blender to do that.

      Blender Game Engine Tutorial – make a basic game in Blender in about an hour.

      I have also put together a tutorial on how to use the Game Engine for beginners, which you can read on the Blender WIKI site here…


      If you are either a 3D artist, or a programmer wanting to check out how Logic Blocks work, give it a go… it should take about an hour to complete.


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