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      Hi folks,

      For anyone who hasn’t tried out Blender before, this is probably a good time to give it a go.

      You can download it from here…

      And read a bit about it here…

      Now that the Durian / Sintel team have completed their work on their short movie ( there are a few left to post-produce it before release ), the focus is now on making 2.6 ( what 2.5x will eventually become ) as stable, flexible and powerful as possible.

      I taught a game design course 2 weeks ago using both the old Blender ( 2.49 ), and the latest version of the new one ( 2.5x ) – it looks as if Blender is about to become a viable tool in most 3D companies toolkits, and is well worth checking out!!! The built in collada import/export is extremely powerful now, and the sculpting has been given a huge update since the alpha.


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      I think this version is even more broken than the last one :(
      What’s happened to Blender lately? New developers or has it been the big switch to 2.5/Sintel that’s causing the issues? This didn’t happen with 2.49 and Big Buck Bunny…

      Where’s my Bevel tool? Why is it now a modifier? What if I want to just bevel on edge? :( :(

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      Oh well we have to cut them slack as it does say beta and they are moving toward a fuller featured version – 2.6 as Mal said. Interested in trying out improved sculpting features with my new graphics tablet (I assume it supports but haven’t checked yet) as have a piece of work to do making some spore game like creatures.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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