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      Hi there folks,

      If you are a 3D artist who’d like to try out a different ( and free, but very powerful ) modelling package, or if you are interested in looking at new potential technical solutions for game content creation, check out Blender 3D.

      Here are some images created with it…

      You can download it ( for any platform ) at…

      Traditionally, it had the learning curve of a cliff, however it has got a LOT easier to use, and this version introduces visual widgets for moving models around.

      Here’s a list ( with images ) of what’s new in this release…

      I’d recommend anyone taking 15 minutes or so to download this version, and having a play with it. I believe it’s also being used on some courses in Ireland to teach 3D modelling.


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      Just downloaded it the now mal. Nice program indeed, especially as its free. Ive tried some other free packages and they were quite honestly just not up to scratch. As u said initally its like bein thrown in at the deep end but after a while browsing through the interface it all becomes clear, as with most packages. Im gonna spend a bit more time gettin into it later because some of the images of renders are quite amazing. Cheers for the find mal.

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