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      Any modellers using blender?

      I started playing with it recently, and it’s pretty interesting.
      The UI is pretty unintuitive at the start, especially after being used to other packages, but as I’ve gotten to grips with it a bit, I’ve found it’s grown on me.

      I’m wondering whether anyone else has played with blender, and what their experiences have been like? How would you rate it compared to Max etc? I’ve only started with it, and I’d be interested to hear if anyone has looked into it in depth.

      I’m also interested, because Blender is free, and I’d be curious to see whether people think it might one day catch up to, or even eclipse (no pun intended) commerical tools?

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      Had a brief look at it when I started out first so haven’t really used it enough to form an opinion. I do know that it is a competant modelling app and fan support is huge. Check out some work done with Blender here:

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      I used to work for these guys in Holland, before they went bust and open-sourced the app.

      Blender is a fantastic 3D modelling tool, with the learning curve of a cliff.

      The next version should be getting a 3D Transform Gizmo and a few other nice features, but as a free tool, it rocks.

      For a more artistic community forum, check out… http://www.elysiun.com/

      http://www.blender.org has more of a developer focus.

      I’m currently working on an exporter path for Blender to Shockwave 3D ( via the XSI file format ), so that our car app can be used by colleges etc who can’t afford to purchase 3DS Max, Maya etc.

      By the end of the year, Blender is going to be hot news, so definitely check it out now for a bit if you haven’t already!


Viewing 2 reply threads
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