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    here is a screenshot of bobman, a character from a small mini game we are working on at phooka. just starting to come together now. hope you like it. c&c welcome

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    Brilliant work lads, looks great. You seem to be achieving a very high standard with your artwork.

    I can’t wait to see a real time demo. Is that a screen grab from real time or a render?

    My only criticism for the image would be that it is lacking is a ground shadow or something, he kind of looks like he is floating.

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    WOW! That looks amazing!

    The style reminds me slightly of a game prototyped in Virtools by an artist I used to work with at Shiny ( no bad thing, his style and animation totally rocks!!! )

    See the link below for a video…


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    That’s extremely cool. As Max said can’t wait to see some stuff in motion, also agree with Max on the floating thing.

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    That looks the biz!

    Should he have a shadow cast on the floor or is it my imagination?

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    Lol – Is this the sequel to Robbies classic platform game – Its about time it had a 3D make over – great work.

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    it is an update of the same bobman. this mini game to be used to show the students of ICE the ins and outs of putting together a game in Reality Engine.

    yeah the shadow is missing. i was thinking the same before i posted it, that he looks kind of like he is floating, must fix that….

    it is an in game screen grab and not a render.

    thanks for all the positive feedback


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    Looks great for an ingame screengrab, great normal mapping on the scenery.
    I love the character design, though that gunarm’s a little Metroid… was that part of the original design, I’m not familiar with Bobman.
    I won’t reiterate the shadow issue, but apart from that, it looks really good, visually.

    Will the minigame be free to download/Xbox Live Arcade/Part of a larger game?

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    as were are putting it together it is also being delivered to the students in ICE. i suppose when it is finished it might be free to download too, its a bit of a texh demo for us after all. yeah the design is similiar metroid, but i can at least claim that i came up with it a few years back before i ever played metroid :D so i dont feel guilty! . still though i liked the design and thought it would be good in this mini game when we were given the chance to do it.

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    Looks great! Nice colours too.

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    Yeah, the lighting is rather lovely. Soothing too.

    ahhh…. :wink:

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    Nice work, some neat texturing, subtle lighting (yes, soothing even!), and normal maps too. Derivative design, but who’s deriving who? (and after all, there are no new ideas). The hand arm look quite Cylon, and the shoulders are v. Metroid, but I was taken by the head/torso. Maybe its the contrast between its future-dustbin look and the high-tech looking limbs, but its really cool.
    I especially like the way there’s anthropomorphic expression just from where the lid/head meets the body, almost like eyes…

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    Who said Cylon?
    BSG! Yay!

    This is clearly spam, say something relevant!

    What form does the gameplay take? Is it a platformer, blaster, 3rd person(or robot) actioner?

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