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      Hi all,

      I am looking for 2 things in particular to gain skills in 3d engine programming/game creation.

      First, are there any extensible games engines available free for students with the option to buy a commercial license later?
      If I can work with any engine and see how it was built, that would be a good starter.

      Also, are there any recommendation for books on OpenGl/DirectX/Engine programming that I can get?

      What would you suggest I use first as a beginner with intermediate programming experience, OpenGl or DirectX?
      Any thoughts or experiences with one or both to share with me?

      I am finishing year 1 of the Degree in Video Games in Carlow IT and am looking for something to pass the time for the summer, my math aint so bad and my C++ is very good after this year :)


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      Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 ( Frank D. Luna )
      Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 ( Peter Walsh )

      They are a couple of really good books to get you going in Directx 9.0. If you work through the books you build your own entire engine.

      As for free engines…there’s lots.
      Cipher, Ogre3D….can’t think of the names of any others…

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      check out the ‘Resources’ thread too

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      Go here for the OpenGL redbook, very handy for all things opengl.


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      As far as Engines go, try Qube engine by Qubesoft…

      Or Torque on Garage Games.

      The Qube engine is free for PC use, but you don’t get FULL source,

      very good API, Exporters, and authoring interface.

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      I`d recommend TrueVision3d (www.TrueVision3D.com)

      A new release of the engine (v6.5) is due out soon which includes all the new features found in most current (and future) games. Its also compatible with Delphi, VB, .NET languages and C/C++

      Plus the community is great too..

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