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    the spoil sports are at it again


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    Read between the lines, they are not actually enforcing the ban of scantily clad women, what they are really doing is effectively racketeering: “if you want to keep the girls, you gotta pay up!”
    That way the organisation keeps its hands clean and the kids get to see strippers all day… and every makes money!
    Cos it’s all about the Benjamins, eh?

    makes me wanna puke, all this puritanical bullshit covering a layer of good old All American capitalism…

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    I agree with the restrictions. I’ll even go as far to say I won’t cry if booth babes are banned altogether. I thought we were trying to present ourselves as a serious industry that encourages women as much as men. I have yet to meet one woman who likes booth babes.

    If you don’t can them, then put some clothes on them.

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    I agree with Ronny, especially with an industry that needs more women behind it, instead of portraying them as objects. They should be proud to show them behind the booths, being involved in development

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    The restrictions are definitely a welcome development. I just hope it is a genuine attempt to end the presence of scantily clad women, and not just a way for the organisers to earn some more money!

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    the thing that gets me is that the reason for it seems to be complaints from “religious groups”

    well that’s according to an e3 2006 preview i read last week, i’ll post the link to it if i can find it again.

    if the motivation for these restrictions is to improve the image of the industry then it’s thumbs up all round, but if it’s to keep the god squad at bay then i have an issue with it, but that’s just me

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    Keep the babes KEEP THE BABES. Look at the automobile and motorcycle (thats car and bike to you and me) industries, ever see their trade shows? And they are very series industries.

    Magic. Although I do agree that more objects need to be treated like women, that Jackie Treehorn has the right idea.

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    so like I said, political correctness bullshit. Yay. :roll:

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    Magic. Although I do agree that more objects need to be treated like women, that Jackie Treehorn has the right idea.[/quote:bd04d671ad]

    heh, I still prefer to do it manually ^_^

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    Its ok lads, no matter what happens we’ll always have the memories…


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    Hrm, I’m a little torn on the overall issue, as I kind of agree with both sides of the argument made above…

    Either way however, bending over for those religious groups wasnt the way to do it. If it was the E3 organisers decision and is due to wanting to make the E3 and indeed the Games Industry in general seem more open then they should just come out and say it and make their point once and for all. It kind of dilutes the significance of the move if they were only doing it to placate those guys…

    On the other hand if they are of a similar mind to the likes of Pete then they should really have given the two fingered salute to those pressure groups and stuck to their guns…

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    Did you know?

    Booth babes don’t necessarily work at the games companies they advertise for!

    This shocked me when I first found out. My modelling career has been on hold ever since.

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