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      Hi the 3D folks,

      This might be of interest, if you fancy trying something new over the holidays.

      I’m working on a generic real-time viewer for Shockwave, that will support scenes exported from any 3D app ( 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave, Carrara, Cinema 4D etc ).

      You can see an example of it here, using the free Lamborghini model from this months 3D World.


      To try it out, you just load your scene and do a File->Export as Shockwave 3D, and overwrite the 3dscene.w3d ( Shockwave 3D format ) file

      Here’s the latest viewer…


      Simply UnZip this to your hard-drive, and run the viewer.exe. Now, when you over-write the 3dscene.w3d, you should see your scene in the viewer. Use the arrow keys to move around the scene etc.

      Forcing a camera
      The viewer will attempt to choose a default camera ( or create one, if one does not exist ). To force a camera to be used, just call it cameraMain

      NOTE: The camera will rotate around the cameras target. Also, if you place multiple cameras in the scene, use the number keys to move between them 1 for camera 1, 2 for … You can also animate the camera if you are using 3DS Max ( animation is automatically used ), so you could do a fly-though of a level you have built for example. For other apps, I’ll try to get this working in the viewer if you can send me sample scenes.

      Other stuff
      Place a background.jpg ( or foreground.png, using transparency ) file in the folder with the viewer, and it’ll appear behind ( or in front of ) the mode.

      There are 5 pints of guinness to whoever posts the best ( and worst ) 3D models on their website ;) ( to upload, place all of the files except for the .EXE on your site, and just link to it )


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      Hmmmm great work as always Mal.

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