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    been looking at this mobile BREW API. Some really sweet looking games can be made with it. heres a link to the 3d demos. i particularly like tenchu, duke 3d and the spiderman demo. spiderman is pretty detailed in that you can fire out webs and pull in the enemy, just like the scaled up version for ps2.


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    Very nice indeed. My only major problem with mobile games is the controls, and this is even more important with 3D games. Good controls are vital to a good game in my opinion, and it is very hard to achieve an intuitive control system for complex games with mobile phone devices. So it’s all well and good advancing the graphics technology, but whats really needed now is for some interface advancements to complement it.

    Having said that though, the demos on the site do look impressive.

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    I got a new phone recently, one of those flippy top motorola ones and the key pad is a lot smaller than my old nokia. I dunno how anyone could play games on it.

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    what would be cool to see is if someone created a joypad which worked over the infra red on the phone.

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    But then you lose the mobility of the phone as you need peripherals.
    Some phones should just forget about putting fancy games on them as they just are not designed for them.

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    mind control interface, someone go invent that would ya :)

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    Exactly Omen, standard phones should really stick to certain games. Puzzle games, simple platformers and the like.

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    Asphalt Urban GT looks very sweet too btw!

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    Playing Asphalt Urban GT at the moment (when I can get the DS away from the kids). Looks good. Will let you know what I think when I actually manage to get some un-interupted time with it!!!

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