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      I was talking to some other new game developers within N.Ireland when I noticed we all came accross this same problem with getting our software/games out there to a wide audience.

      So me and a few friends have decided to get this area sorted. Allowing for Free advertising for your games. When you upload your game with us we will do as much as we can to promote your software signing it up to various shareware or freeware sites providing you want it.

      What is different between this one and any other one, well this is targeted purely for indie developers to get their software out there. The only rules being your game must be rated over 5/10 by a reviewer, and of course the game must be developed indie style

      For those who do not know what indie means, Individual or small company.

      How to send us your game:
      A.) contact a reviewer
      B.) post in the forums

      Random Side comment:
      I am also developing a program atm, a bundler so to speak, which will give you a form to fill in, sending the details automatically to a reviewer and getting your games up faster than the usual 7 day waiting list with most other reviewing sites.

      Where is the rules for this part of the forum?!, argh mods if this is against the rules delete it

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      Jamie Mc

      Hey guys,

      If you need any advice on business or marketing, feel free to give me a shout. It’s what I do.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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