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    Well at least SOMEONE has some sense in this case…

    We can finally say goodbye to Jack Thompson in at least one level of his crusade against the games industry. Its amazing that it took the threat of disbarrment in Alabama to do it though but as per usual he did have the last word, claiming that the representation for the defendants, Blank Rome, wanted to “make him the issue”.

    Although to be honest, I found this bit amusing…

    The exchange between Judge Moore and Thompson continued when the judge asked the attorney why he was engaging in such public behavior against the defendents’ law firm. In Thompson replied that after the criminal trial, Judge Moore indicated that he could “have at it.” The judge retorted that “your [meaning Thompson’s] ‘have at it’ and my ‘have at it’ are not the same.”[/quote:c6c3854b80]

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    EuroGamer reports:

    Judge blasts Jack (Muppet) Thompson…and revokes his legal licence.

    Yay! ;)

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    Hah, good for Judge Moore, its good to see someone standing up to that clown.

    It might help the sales of Thompsons book though, can takers? :D

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    any chance you could remove that link? ;)

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    Would it not be considered “light reading” over the Christmas break? :D

    Check out the Amazon page though…First of all search for Jack Thompson and look at some of the searche results. Then on the books page theres a special offer, buy his book AND “The World Is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman and save!

    Ironys a bitch, ain’t it Jack… :lol:

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