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    If you have experience making or designing levels/level geometry in any of the editors below, please let me know.


    (Max, Radiant Series, UnrealED, WorldCraft, Hammer etc…you get the jist)


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    Any particular reason?

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    What are you calling them….j/k not very funny sorry…

    I’ve had experience with a number of editors and have worked on mods many moons ago. But I’d not be much help as I’ve been more concerned with programming of late. I’d say one of your best bets is boadle, I know he was looking at importing his stuff ingame. Might be worth an email or two.

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    I want them to peal cabbages for me.

    I suppose I was being a bit vague.
    Torc Interactive are seeking out talented level designers to join the ranks. Any experience in level editing/mapping is obviously an advantage.

    For more details mail me at

    otherwise I can give you a bag of cabbages.

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    We would be very happy to stick a description in the jobs section of the site, if that is what you are offering. You can submit a job description by using the contact us form atthe bottom of any page.


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    Thats been sent off to you now.

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    I’ve been bouncing around a few differnt forums now, actively seeking out homegrown talent.

    The purpose of this thead, like so many others I’ve posted on various sites, is to gather information about the quantity and quality of mappers/level designers from this neck of the woods.

    For clarity, goto

    for a look at what’s on offer.


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    Whilst we have a level design topic going check out the first requirement for a Lead level designer Ubisoft Montreal- its a bit weird…

    “A minimum of 5 years of experience in video game industry with at least 3 games AAA PS2”

    As one guy here pointed out – if you have 3 AAA PS2 games under your belt you could retire. I guess it depends what they mean by AAA. Also 3 on PS2? – you would want to be churning out the hits…seems aimed at stealing EA Canada staff more than anything


    However the requirements for a normal level designer are not bad….strangely no scripting required….with only Basic knowledge of 3D Studio Max needed….


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    Just a quick question or two…

    Are you looking for indoor or outdoor maps?

    Military installations? Horror? Fantasy? Whats the best format to develop the map in? I’ve got some CounterStrike & Day of Defeat team maps done, I could spruce them up in Doom3 Editor.

    Single Player or Multi?

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    Gimme a single player Doom III map. That would be great. Stick to indoors now, but I’ll take whatever you’re comfotable with.
    The few guys I’ve talked to though have been willing to knock out a single player doom iii map.
    I’ve had a few replies now and it’s all shaping up nicely.


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    Well, I was gonna ask what kindof maps/engine you would want to see, because the tool itself isn’t really relevant.
    Any particular style you are interested in?
    Are you looking for people who can also do their textures/skies ?
    Large multiplayer open maps, or fragfest corridors a la Quake ?
    Pure Deathmatch, Assault, CTF, or are you just trying to do something visually impressive (which hasn’t much to do with a map’s playability for a given game type)?

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