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    Just hooked up the PS2 and the Xbox to my 5.1 surround :D

    wow :D

    i’m in shock that i didn’t do this sooner LOL

    shame on me..

    who else is 5.1’d up … i know Meeja has about 10.1 or something fab :D

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    I thought PS2 didn’t support in-game DD5.1? Or do you mean just for movies?

    I don’t really follow anything much about PS2 these days though…. ;)

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    :D got so stuck playing the XBox i didn’t even try the PS2 last night..

    doesn’t it have an audio cable port on the back ? ..

    will go see :D

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    just plugged the surround set into the telly :D works fine

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    PS2/games don’t do 5.1DD as far as I know.

    XB certainly does, and I had it on 5.1DD when I still had mine – fitch, try Halo (and/or 2) on, it’s a whole different game with DD on :wink:

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