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      Last week at their E3 press conference they proudly announce that they had ready sent out over 10,000 dev-kits to over 200 developers and this week the real story come out:

      With only 6 months till launch, it seems that the PS3 specifications still haven’t been finalized, leaving developers in the dark, according to some reasonably good sources, namely the President of Sega of America and the CEO of THQ Inc.

      Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 introduction in November may be hampered by fewer and less-powerful games because the company hasn’t given final technical details of the new console, according to video-game publishers.

      THQ Inc. decided it didn’t have enough information to make a version of “The Sopranos” for PS 3, according to Chief Executive Officer Brian Farrell. Other developers will release a first batch of games that don’t use all the power of Sony’s new Cell processor, Sega of America President Simon Jeffrey said.

      Sony’s delay in providing details and access to the new chip shortens the time that game-makers have to perfect titles before the PS3 hits store shelves. Some games will be delayed, while others won’t have features that take full advantage of the machine’s power. With fewer titles ready, video-game companies may make less sales during the Christmas holiday season.

      “A lot of developers have not gotten the kits,” Jeffrey said in an interview last week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. “There certainly will not be a lot of titles available.”[/quote:5b9a631bf8]

      It’s madness if ya ask me

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      Whats your point??
      Console specs are never finalised until the very end. The kits are out there, and they’ll be updated to match final spec when the time comes. This is the games industry, don’t think anything runs smoothly here.

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      That the fact that all the devkits they’ve sent out don’t have any support for the new tilt sensitive ps3 controller meaning major rework for title to have them released on time.

      For example EA have said they only found out about the features of the new pad at E3 and that all the games they had planned to have ready for the consoles launch, like madden and tiger wood’s, will now require so much extra work for make use of the tilt sensitive functionality that they are going to go over budget and schedule.

      It’s not a clever way to deal with the biggest publisher in the game it ya ask me.

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      You do it once and you’ve done it…not going to be that big a deal to someone like EA who have the man-power to do it. Feel sorry for the small fish if you’re feeling sorry for anyone.
      Yes, Sony have dropped the ball, but its not like this is the first time they’ve done it, and still they’re the biggest selling console. Go figure…

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      Other publishers, however, disagreed with Jeffrey and Farrell’s comments – with executives at Activision, EA and Ubisoft all weighing in to support Sony’s development support strategy to date.

      EA Worldwide Studios boss Paul Lee said that the firm is “happy” with the dev kits sent out so far, while Activision CEO Robert Kotick told Bloomberg that although their systems are not “final, final hardware”, “we know what the processors’ capacity is – we have active development underway.”

      Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot agreed with Kotick’s sentiments, but compared the situation at this point to the same point six months out from the launch of the Xbox 360 last year. “We won’t be able to take advantage of all the components of the [PlayStation 3],” he commented, “but it was the same last year.”[/quote:f76efdeb5e]

      See, the big guys don’t seem to be very worried about it…

      And compare it to XBox360…

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