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    Okay, completely unrelated to games…
    Story about Michael Barrymore. Met the dead guy’s father who said he doesn’t believe Barrymore had anything to do with his death. However, his solicitor is bringing MB to court and it says “Mr Bennett stressed the action was “my own initiative” and that he was not representing the Lubbock family.” The solicitor is bringing him to court and not the family. How can a solicitor bring a civil case to court without backing from the family? Any law people out there?

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    Any solicitor or barrister can ask the court to grant a private prosecution in exceptional circumstances. The backing of the family is not necessary. They have refused to put forward a case, but this very serious issue still remains unresolved.

    I think it’ll be turfed out before long. I think one of the Michael Jackson cases could have been private prosecution.

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    So who pays for the fees?

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    Not a clue! Steph is the legal eagle around these parts, he should know.

    I think that there may be no compensation involved if the solicitor wins. It’ll just bring closure to the matter. Or perhaps the family may wish to use the outcome to take it to the criminal court.

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    And should the solicitor win the case where do the damages go if they’re not fighting the case for anyone?? Lawyers are just pure strange…

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    Might I humbly precise that I am not a lawyer/solicitor? :lol:

    In other words – not a clue :twisted:

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    Yeah Ronny, implying someone is a lawyer….thats pretty low :P

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    Apologies. It’s almost as bad as calling someone a code monkey. Now that’s low! :P

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    At least you still have your dignity if you are a monkey…

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    I’ve explained this before to you guys… :roll:

    To solicitors, we IP types -particularly the patent IP types- are considered to be engineers.

    And to engineers, we IP types are considered to be lawyers/solicitors.

    (you an engineer, omen? :lol: )

    Us IP types? We don’t care for the affiliation, we just laugh all the way to the bank :twisted:

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    (you an engineer, omen? ) [/quote:8126b49454]
    Nope, I’m a code monkey :D

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    same-o, same-o :wink:

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