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    Hi all,

    Two bits of news, one is interactive 3D related, one is game related…

    1) We just released the full version of our Art Gallery Creator software! ( and just got our first PayPal customer about an hour ago! Long may the Guinness Tokens flow! :)

    Here’s the link, the app now has built-in recording for voice-overs etc.


    2) Our Shockwave 3D car based game engine was used for another online movie promo game ( that’s 2 movies now that it has been used on, and a US Government eLearning game, in the last 12 months… we’re being asked to partner-pitch for a lot more of these Web 3D games, so hopefully there’ll be some very cool ones appearing over the next 12 months! ).

    Here’s the link….
    http://www.runningscaredthemovie.com ( click on the Game menu )

    And yes, that bonus game in the 2nd ( registered ) level is for real :) And no, we weren’t involved in any shape or form with developing it :)

    Enjoy, I’m off for a much needed pint or three.

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    Fantastic man, congrats! :D

    must download and get a look.

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    nice one mal

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    deadly… great news mal.

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    Aphra K

    great to hear Mal!

    Well done,


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    Good stuff, Mal. Business is picking up! :)

    The game is great fun.

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    Thanks all,

    It looks like sticking to our guns with Shockwave 3D and lower-end game development ( as well as non-game interactive 3D ) is paying off for us!

    We’re not ordering the helicopter pad yet, but we’re able to go back in to a few bars and pay the tabs off lol


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    Well Done Mal ! :)

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